12 Compelling Reasons To Use Bodyweight Training

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Decline push-ups, Bulgarian split squats, inverted rows, spiderman push-ups and prisoner squats are among the best exercises you can do to lose weight and build functional strength, all from the comfort of your own home and in less time than it takes to get to your local gym. If you still need convincing that bodyweight exercises simply cannot be beaten, then read on to find out 12 reasons why!

1. In addition to answering all your exercise needs, body weight training also helps improve dexterity and build self-esteem.

2. Bodyweight exercises require absolutely no additional equipment and can be performed anywhere, any time.

3. Builds functional strength that will keep you at the top of any push-up or chin-up contests with your friends.

4. Bodyweight straining training boosts all over functional strength, flexibility and stamina.

5. When coupled with interval training, bodyweight exercises will effectively burn fat faster than ever!

6. Helps strengthen the back muscles, which are often overlooked by most modern workouts.

7. 30 minutes or even less – that’s all the time you need for a full workout.

8. The routine does not discriminate between the sexes- its just as great for women as it is for men.

9. During the summer months, you can enjoy the warm summer weather while exercising outdoors.

10. Whether you are an embattled office worker, enduring a visit with your spouse’s parents or a prison inmate, bodyweight exercises provide a great workout to build functional strength and stamina.

11. Bodyweight exercises provide a much-needed break from free weights and are an effective solution for anyone who does not have a full-fledged gym at home.

12. Bodyweight training is excellent for frequent travelers. There’s no need to go looking for a gym every time you travel to a new destination. You can do the entire circuit and build your functional strength right in your hotel room. Most hotels do have treadmills if you wish to incorporate some cardio exercises into your workout.

And if you’re looking for a quick bodyweight workout that will allow you to improve your functional strength right in your living room, then here’s one for you.

•    12 Close-grip Push-ups

•    60 Jumping Jacks

•    15 Y-Squats

•    24 Mountain Climbers (12 on each side)

•    16 Prisoner Forward Lunges (8 on each side)

Woohoo! Refreshing!

Can you feel your functional strength building yet?

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    this very simple and comprehensive . thanks for putting up this guide of bodyweight .

  2. Marta Mosses says:

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    Great core exercises have to involve lifts and drills that incorporate multiple joints within the movements that are being performed. For instance, if you are going to develop a super fit body and strong core then you are going to do so a lot better by engaging in lifts such as squats and dead lifts rather than single joint exercises such as arm and leg curls. I have included a hard hitting core exercise here to help you to accomplish just that.

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    I found this site looking for weights..good site

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  6. Abe Casad says:

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    Wow… that was quite comprehensive, thanks.

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