20 Minute Bodyweight Workouts Part 1 of 3

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20 Minute Bodyweight WorkoutsThe major reason most folks choose bodyweight exercises is to save time in their workouts.  To avoid the hassles of the gym and to have the flexibility in their fitness program to workout anywhere or anytime.
This has been the biggest question raised from visitors at BWET.

“Do you have any short but effective workouts?”

“Can you please publish some quid and easy workouts?”

The answer to both questions is YES.  And we’ll do it today.

The BWET 20 Minute Bodyweight Workouts

Workout A – 20 Minute Killer Cardio

Warm-Up – Cut time in half and complete the circuit.
Do max reps in time allotted.  Do Not rest between exercises.
The circuit:
Side Hops
– 2 Minutes
– 2 Minutes
Tuck Jumps
– 2 Minutes
360 Degree Lunges
– 2 Minutes
– 2 Minutes
Rest – 1 Minute
Repeat Once for a solid 20 minute cardio blast that can be done virtually anywhere.

Workout B – 22 Minute Upper Body Blaster

You will need a pull-up bar.
– 2 Minutes
– 2 Minutes
Diamond Push-Ups
– 1 Minute
Rest 2 Minutes
Wide Arm Push-Ups
– 2 Minutes
– 2 Minutes
Uneven Push-Ups
– 1 Minute
Repeat entire circuit twice.

These two workouts will get you started on a quick and effective bodyweight workout routine you can use when you travel or when you don’t have much time for a full workout.

In the next part, we’ll do lower body and core workouts.

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