20 Minute Bodyweight Workouts Part 2 of 3

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20 Minute Bodyweight WorkoutsOn Monday, we covered Cardio and Upper Body.  Today we’ll cover core muscles (abs) and lower body.  Bodyweight exercises are the staple of core exercises, and undeniably effective to build functional strength in your lower body.  Using your own weight that you move around every day is also safer than weight machines, thus lowering your risk of injury.

So, if you’re pressed for time, don;t like the gym, or just traveling on business or for the holidays, make sure you read this whole series.

Let’s get started…

The BWET 20 Minute Bodyweight Workouts – Core and Lower Body

Workout C – 23 Minute Core Conditioning

Warm Up – Cut the times in half and complete one circuit
Do the maximum reps you can in the time allotted for rep based exercises.

The circuit:
Plank – 2 minutes
Ab Bicycles – 2 minutes
Side Plank Right – 2 minutes
Hip Thrusts – 2 minutes
Side Plank Left – 2 minutes
Rest 3 minutes

Repeat the circuit once for an intense core workout or scale it up for more intensity.

Workout D – 20 Minute Lower Body Challenge

Warm Up – Jumping jacks for 3 minutes

The circuit:
Hindu Squats – 10 Reps
Walking Lunges – 20 (10 each leg)
Pistol Squats – 10 Reps

Rest 3 minutes

Hindu Squats – 10 Reps
360 Degree Lunges – 5 Reps
Glute Kick Backs – 10 Reps

Rest 3 Minutes

Hindu Squats – 10 Reps
Rear Lunges – 10 Each Leg
Sissy Squats – 10 Reps

Cool Down – Short Walk (Optional)

Do not rest between exercises.  Move directly from exercise to exercise as quickly as you can.

Be sure to come back Friday when we will wrap it all up into a nice weekly routine you can take with you anywhere.  Or batter yet, subscribe below to our exclusive bobcats and have it delivered conveniently to your email…

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