3 Strength Training Basketball Tips To Dramatically Improve Your Game

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3 Strength Training Basketball Tips To Dramatically Improve Your GameSkill, agility and dexterity are all important traits on the basketball court, but stamina and strength are also major components if you want to last the full 48 minutes without dropping to the floor exhausted.

Professional basketball players are aware of this, and many teams and players have begun a regimen of bodyweight workouts in order to improve on their fitness levels.

With Basketball Season quickly approaching, take advantage of the time you have now to get that extra edge on your competition…

Strength training basketball exercises are not just recommended for power forwards and centers, but guards will undoubtedly benefit from doing them as well. The famous Michael Jordan revitalized himself and his game through strength training basketball bodyweight exercises.

Before that, he claimed that he was being physically overpowered by players from Detroit and New York. Thereafter, Michael Jordan soon came to realize just how important bodyweight training is for serious basketball players.

If you are looking to start a strength training basketball workout routine, you should take a look at the following tips for players who need to improve on their physical abilities.

Thrice Weekly Workouts

If you wish to generate explosive muscle strength and also gain greater muscle mass, you should limit yourself to a maximum of 3 workouts each week. This way, your body will be able to get enough rest between workouts for your muscles to first recover from the strength training basketball exercises, and then begin to build themselves up.

There are simply too many basketball players who labor under the mistaken assumption that the greater the time spent at the gym, the greater the gains in muscle growth. While this approach may indeed be effective when it comes to improving the skills of the game such as shooting and ball handling, it definitely does not apply to muscle building. If you allow your body the rest it needs to recover and strengthen itself, you are sure to find your strength training basketball exercises much more effective.

Also, strength training basketball exercises should be done as full-body workouts, instead of the habit that many players have of separating upper and lower body workouts on different days.

Hour Long Workout Sessions

Each of your workout sessions should not last longer than an hour. If you find your workouts lasting longer than an hour, you are either spending too much time on the strength training basketball exercises or not performing the exercises with sufficient intensity.

The reason for high intensity strength training basketball workouts is twofold:

– The first reason for high intensity training is that it provides a great boost to your endurance and stamina even as you work to increase your muscle mass.
– The second reason is that a shorter workout will allow you greater freedom with your daily schedule, and you will find that you are able to schedule your workouts in between commitments, instead of having to work completely around them.

When you first begin strength training basketball workouts, it is recommended that you do not schedule your workout sessions on the same days that you have games. Doing so will certainly exhaust you and you may find yourself under-performing during games.

Develop Explosive Power With Compound Exercises

The ultimate goal of doing strength training basketball exercises is to develop functional muscle mass that will give you the explosive power required to improve your game. This is opposed to the muscle mass that some bodybuilders put on that simply ‘looks big’ but does not add much in the way of strength or power. The best types of exercises to develop explosive power are those known as ‘compound exercises’.

Compound exercises are simply exercises that work more than one muscle group at a time. Push ups, squats, pull ups and Bulgarian split squats are all good examples of compound exercises. These exercises cause many more muscle groups to be activated than exercises that isolate certain muscle groups, and this will allow you to build greater functional muscle mass in a shorter time.

One of the best strength training basketball exercises is the squat. This exercise helps to develop functional muscle mass in the legs and lower back muscles, giving you the explosive power to increase your jump height.

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    Stamina is crucial. It can make the difference in your basketball game and how you walk away from it.

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