5 Exercise Machines That Will Injure You

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Unnatural movements, excessive joint strain, mythological spot targeting for fat loss, the list goes on and on. Basically, here is a list of 5 exercise machines that will likely cause injuries in hundreds of gym-goers this year alone. Michele will not only tell you what they are, she’ll explain why.

Michele Borboa, MS wrote:

“Exercise machines aren’t built for your body … She’s even come up with a safe, effective bodyweight-based workout to help you strengthen, tone and burn calories. “To turbocharge the effects of The Women’s Health Diet , we created a series of exercises …

I was surprised myself when I first read this article. I prefer bodyweight exercise just because it is more convenient and I don’t want to look like a He-Man action figure. My wife and her exercising friends prefer bodyweight workouts because they can be done in private without being ogled by a bunch of gym rats.

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