5 Ways To Make Your Bodyweight Routine Exciting And Challenging

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5 Ways To Make Your Bodyweight Routine Exciting And ChallengingIs your workout routine like a Victorian prison exercise yard? Well, we have the answer for that… Hitting on last Monday’s fifth way to get the most out of your exercise program, here are 5 ways to keep your routine varied and interesting. Your bodyweight routine doesn‘t have to be boring. Even the most basic exercises like push-ups and jumping-jacks can be fun if you make a challenge out of it. Giving yourself something to accomplish each workout will not only help you improve each time, you’ll have more fun doing it and the time will just whiz by. Here are some great ways to make your bodyweight routine both exciting and challenging.

5-50 Challenge (or the 250 bodyweight challenge)-
5 Excersices, 50 Reps each

  • Squat – For extra spice substitute Lunges or Hindu Squats.
  • Push-up – Change up with Diamonds and Wide-Arm push-ups for that extra kick of challenge.
  • Jumping Jack – Substitute in Windmills or Side Hops for a little boost of difficulty
  • Mountain Climbers – Mix it up with a set or two of Burpees for a serious challenge and a little extra upper body work.
  • Crunches – Try Bicycles Crunches or Flutter Kicks on a 4 count to really set your abs on fire.

Do them in any order you like, but with correct form and as fast as you can.  This is a timed routine, so record and improve your time every time you do this routine.  Oh, and rest time counts.

3 Exercises – 7 Circuits – 21 Minutes

  • Hindu Push-up
  • Burpee
  • Hindu Squat

This is a timed interval routine.  You will need an interval timer.  The set-up is 40 seconds of circuit and 20 seconds of rest.  After each circuit, write down the number of reps you did. At the end of the routine, add up your total reps.  This is your score.  Try to improve it each time you do this routine.  Remember, only reps with good form count, so don’t cheat yourself.


  • Pull-Ups – Sets of 5
  • Push-Ups – Sets of 10
  • Squats – Sets of 15

20 Minute Interval Routine

Repeat each circuit of 20 reps as many times as you can with good form in 20 minutes.  You may rest as often and as long as you like, but your score is the number of completed circuits in 20 minutes.  Use your timer so you don’t have to focus on the time.

Most famously known for use with the Burpee, Ladders can really be done with any exercise.  Multi-count exercises work best.  You can either count up or down.  I prefer to count down, it’s just psychologically easier for me.  As an example, we will use 10.
Do 10 reps of your chosen exercise, rest.  Do 9 reps, rest.  Do 8 reps, rest, and so on until you reach the final rep.  Keeping score here is based on the “height” of your ladder.  A 10 Burpee Ladder outscores an 8 Burpee Ladder.  This one is a real challenge, and if you can do a 20 Burpee Ladder, you can consider yourself an honorary hard-core convict.
30-Seconds – Pick 5 body weight exercises. Set your timer for 30 seconds for each exercise, rest 1 minute between sets and repeat for 20-30 minutes.

Timed intervals are always exciting and there’s any number of exercises that can be interchanged. And the best part is that you won’t be paying for a gym membership to do them. Here are just a few of the extensive range of  exercises available, just to give you an idea:
•    Body weight squat
•    Jumping jacks
•    Push-up
•    Lunges
•    Burpees
•    Mountain climbers
•    Hindu Squats / Push-ups
•    Sprints
•    Planks
•    Side-Hops

That’s really all you need to keep your bodyweight routine fun and exciting, not to mention challenging.  Make it a competition with your gym-going friends.  I’ll bet after some time, you will easily outperform even the most seasoned “iron slinging” friend you have.

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