Bodyweight Cardio Alternatives | Advanced Rope Jumping

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bodyweight cardio alternative | Jumping RopeOn Monday we talked about getting started using a jump rope for card that is both fun and effective. Today, we’re gig to continue that same path with some more advanced ticks and techniques you can do with your handy jump rope. No, nothing fancy like swinging across river gorges or rescuing princesses. You’re all grown up now. Think footwork, not fairy tales.





If you hate running but long for its calorie-burning results, then consider jumping rope. Compared to other forms of cardio exercise such as running, jumping rope burns more calories per minute. In addition, it also improves stability and coordination, helps build up bone density and trims your trouble spots. To prevent boredom, switch up your normal jumping rope routine with some advanced jump rope tricks.


Line Jump

Grab some sidewalk chalk and head outside to either a sidewalk, parking lot or your driveway. Draw a 6-inch line. Spend five minutes warming up with your jump rope then either jump side to side or front to back over your line. To make it a bit more challenging, draw a diamond then, after your warm-up, touch each corner of the diamond as you jump. Perform this workout for 20 minutes.


Alternate Leg Jump

To improve your balance and help build stronger calves, warm up using both feet while you jump rope for five minutes. Then, jump with your left foot only, keeping your right foot off the ground. Switch legs for the next rotation so that you jump with your right foot only and keeping your left foot off the ground. Choose to either bend the leg you are not jumping with either behind you or kick your leg out in front of you. For a tougher workout, raise the knee of the leg you are not jumping with as high up as you can using your chest for support. Continue to switch legs each time you jump for 20 minutes.


Double Under

Double under is an effective workout for interval training. Warm up then swing the jump rope around quickly so that it passes under your feet twice. You can perform this trick in several ways, such as crossing the rope while it’s still over your head then jumping through like normal. The key is to rotate your shoulders and arms fast enough before your feet touch the ground. This workout taxes your shoulders, rotator cuffs, quads and calves.


Abs Blaster

This workout is for the advanced jump roper. After you warm up, bring up both of your knees as high as you can with each jump. Continue this for 30 seconds. Switch to single high knee ups, bringing one knee up high to your chest while jumping with the other foot and then switch. Continue this portion for 60 seconds. That’s one rotation. Repeat the rotation then rest for 60 seconds in between sets.



If you’re ready to get serious with adding rope jumping int your bodyweight routine, then adding Jump Rope Training – 2nd Edition into your reference library is highly recommended. Buddy Lee has updated his authoritative guide to jumping rope for fitness and athletic training.

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