Bodyweight Routines – Build Muscle and Burn Fat

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Bodyweight exercises are seen by many as the best exercises to do at home without requiring any expensive gym equipment.  You use your own bodyweight to provide the resistance you need to workout with, instead of weights or other equipment.  Joining the gym can be costly and using a number of bodyweight routines is the best way to save cash and improve your functional strength.  What’s great about these workouts is not only the fact you can do them at home, but how well they work. You will learn the best way to lose fat and build muscle with these basic workouts.  

When you know the right bodyweight exercises and adhere to a few extra tips you will find the quick and convenient way to achieving a slimmer and stronger body without having to buy equipment of any kind.  If you use bodyweight routines appropriately you will see the same results as sombody paying for a gym and spending a lot of time working out there.  One thing to bear in mind is the fact you should only workout when you are fit and healthy enough to do so. This means you need to be smart with the way you workout so you don’t overextend yourself.  Some bodyweight exercises include push-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups, bodyweight rows, boot strappers and mountain climbers, to name just a few of the most well known.  You need not carry out every exercise listed, some will work for you better than others.  Understand what it is you hope to achieve and know what your body can take, then decide which bodyweight routines to follow.

Try a few different bodyweight exercises and as time goes by you will notice which are working the best, incorporate these into a routine and scrap those that don’t work.  Every core muscle group in your body will be worked on by bodyweight exercises.  With this in mind you want to pick exercises that will target every area of your body.  You can focus on horizontal or vertical type exercises but bear in mind you need to add a few side movement and circular pattern workouts into the mix also.  Each exercise routine needs to go at the speed those doing it can handle.  You should never push yourself too hard because it will likely end in an injury and you won’t achieve your goals.  This is the reason every effective bodyweight routine has sections for hard workouts, relaxed workouts and days to recover interspersed  in between.  Bear in mind that the recovery days are just as vital as the workout days if you want to see results.  No two people are the same, which is why every workout routine needs to be tailored to individuals.

Try to push yourself hard but remember not to go further than you can handle.  You will be able to tell if you are working out enough by the progress of your body shape.  You should be actively losing fat as well as working out, this way you will start to look how you want as your functional strength improves.  If you fail to see results after a certain amount of time you should ask a professional for aid.  It means you are doing something wrong.  With this in mind it can be in your best interest to find a coach online and follow a well documented bodyweight exercise routine.  When you put in the right amount of effort, and follow your plan properly you will see great results in not much time with bodyweight exercises.