Bodyweight Squats – Give Yourself a Real Workout!

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Are your legs shaped as you would wish? If they are not then you need to look into bodyweight squats.  One of the best ways to burn off fast located within the glutes, thighs and legs are with squats.  Carrying excess weight around on your lower body adds unneeded stress to your knees.  As time passes you may find this affects how well you can walk or go about your day to day life.  Bodyweight squats are designed to help you avoid this issue and add to your functional fitness while getting the legs that you really want. So what exactly is a bodyweight squat? A bodyweight squat is an exercise in which you lower your body towards the floor, keeping your toes pointing towards the front and your hands parallel with the ground.  At the lowest of the squat your bottom should be very close to the ground.  You stay in this position for a few seconds, then raise yourself up and repeat the process.  You can carry out squats in numerous ways with slight alterations, however the fundamentals of a squat never change.  

If you want to lose weight on your lower body then bodyweight squats are ideal, they are also perfect for increasing the muscle mass around your thighs and legs.  The only people who shouldn’t attempt to do these exercises are those who have issues with their legs already.  If this applies to you then seek the advice of a doctor before you carry out any exercises.  Bodyweight squats are great for time saving because just a low amount of reps is all you need.  When you first start out keep the rep count pretty low, as you start to grow in strength then you should add more reps to your routine.  For a lot of us the idea of having toned legs is something we have always wanted.  When you have legs that are nicely toned you will look a lot better in clothes.  If your upper body isn’t ideal then having toned legs helps counter this.  You would be surprised at how much attention you will get just by having toned legs.  

One of the biggest benefits of bodyweight squats is you can do them at home without having to go to an expensive gym.  There is no need for expensive equipment or a personal trainer to explain what to do.  They are simple to do without help and can be done anywhere.  You can do them when you have time instead of needing to make time to go to the gym. You only have to do a set of reps once a day for a while to achieve great results.  To find out exactly how to carry out a correct bodyweight squat simply do a quick search online and you will find a number of videos and helping information explaining everything you need to know.  Make sure you watch a couple our videos in order to get the bodyweight squats exactly right.  

No matter your situation, you could be a college student, a housewife or somebody who works 10 hours a day, you can fit these great bodyweight squats into your routine and get the legs you always dreamed of.

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