Boomer Fitness Week | Stay Fit Over 50

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Boomer Fitness Week | Stay Fit Over 50Staying fit well into your golden years is no challenge when you have the power of knowledge.  Being retired and on a fixed income doesn’t exclude you from being physically fit since you don’t have to be out of pocket for gym fees.  You were born with everything you need to be fit and trim.  Do you remember watching Jack Lalanne on TV as a youngster?  Since the days of encouraging self-reliance are long gone, you won’t see anything like it on TV today.  We’ll bring some of that back this week.  Today, Wednesday and Friday you will learn how to stay fit virtually anywhere with no gym membership fees and hassles.

Getting started
Provided your health care provider has cleared you for a fitness program, you can get started right away.  If not, then make sure you are healthy enough to perform basic bodyweight only exercises.

Workout 1 (Reasonably Fit Individuals):
Routine:  Monday /Thursday
The Circuit:
Hindu Pushups – 5 reps
Bend and Reach – 5 Reps (4 count)
Hindu Squats – 5 reps
Rest 2 minutes
Repeat Circuit 3 times

Workout 2 (Individuals in Poor Fitness):
Routine: 3 days exercise 1 day off (3/1 rotation)
The Circuit:
Incline (wall) Pushups – 10 reps
Bodyweight squats – 5 reps (Chair assisted if necessary)
Rest 2 minutes
Resistance Band Bicep Curls – 5 reps each arm
Windmills – 10 reps (4 count)
Rest 2 minutes
Repeat the circuit 2 more times

Using these simple and effective bodyweight only exercise routines, you can be back in great shape in no time.  As you progress in regaining your physical prowess, you can add repetitions of move on to the more challenging routines found elsewhere on our site.

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