Burn Fat Quickly With Bodyweight Workouts

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If you want to lose fat while increasing your muscle mass then bodyweight workouts are a great option for you.  The reason you should use bodyweight workouts is because not only can you do them anywhere you wish, but they are also highly efficient and work really well. If you want to burn fat efficiently then bodyweight workouts are the way to go.  They are so good at burning fat because of the interval approach to training they have, this allows your heart rate to increase and decrease quickly.  Because your heart rate increases and decreases quickly your body burns a higher amount of calories during a small time frame.  Not all bodyweight workouts are as good as each other, with this in mind you need to know which ones to use in order to get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Burpees are by far one of the best bodyweight workouts to use when trying to burn fat.  This workout uses nothing more than your own bodyweight in order to burn an immense amount of calories.  To perform a burpee you need to first stand up with your feet touching.  The next thing you need to do is drop down and get into a position in which you are ready to do a push up.  Then you actually do the push up.  Once you have done the push up get back into a squat stance and then stand up.  Once standing jump into the air once, land back into your original position and then start again.  This should all be one fluid motion and done as quickly and as many times as you can. Burpees are great because they not only burn fat thanks to their intense cardio aspect but they also add to your strength, which also helps you destroy fat.  Your ultimate target should be to be able to perform 100 burpees in under 12 minutes.  

Circuit training is a bodyweight workout routine that is wonderful for destroying as much fat as possible in a small time frame.  Circuit training is when you do a number of bodyweight workouts one after the other without taking any time to rest after each.  You will find your strength, endurance and cardio go through the roof when you follow such a routine, as well as burning a serious amount of fat.   

Sprinting is also a good bodyweight workout.  You use nothing but your own bodyweight when sprinting.  There is nothing confusing about using sprints to lose weight, they are also great for getting rid of fat within a small amount of time.  You merely need to find an area big enough to sprint in, you then decide how far it is you wish to sprint and mark it out, now you simply sprint from one end and back continually for around 10 times without resting in between.  Not only will you burn fat like this but you will also find you increase your lung capacity, which will help you with your other workouts and general wellbeing.  Try to accomplish around 10 sprints each time you do this workout and do it around 3 times a week. Add to this as you find your cardio improves.  

These are just a few bodyweight workouts you can use to burn fat, there are numerous others you can do and incorporate into your routine in order to keep things interesting and remain motivated.