BWET Celebrity Spotlight | Matthew Morrison

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Matthew Morrison WorkoutIf you haven’t seen Matthew Morrison on Glee, then you are either living on a cave or you have been on Mars for the past couple of years.  Now, normally, I’m not a big fan of modern musicals.  I prefer the classics, but my mom, wife, etc. all love Glee.  So, as a good husband and son, I’ve sat through a few episodes.  The whole turning a pop song in to a musical isn’t my cup of tea so to speak, but as you know, fitness is.  And when I see Matthew Morrison in near perfect shape, I just have to find out what he is doing.  (the whole modeling success thing)  I did some digging and found out what he is doing to build his physique…

Factor Number One – Being Active
Morrison lives a very active lifestyle.  He played soccer, roller-bladed, and yes, even breakdancing.  Today he prefers paddleboarding, which is awesome for the abs because it requires balance and engages the entire core muscle groups.  This single factor (an active lifestyle), you will find is a common thread among everyone who is in great shape.

Factor Number Two – Cardio
Just like in the movie Zombie Land, Cardio is essential to being fully fit.  And you really don;t have to be fancy with it.  Morrison does cardio like a mad man.  It’s reported that he rides his bike 100 miles a week and runs another 25.  That’s some serious mileage.  Almost too much unless you are training for a triathlon.  Being sensible won’t kill you.  You don’t have to do 5 miles of combined biking and running a day to have a great body.  (See Visual Impact)

Factor Number Three – Strength training
Four times a week, you wool fond Matthew Morrison training for muscle building.  He only targets one muscle group a day in the gym.  While focusing on just one muscle group each time you go to the gym, you can build serious strength and definition, but it is very time consuming.  Unless you have plenty of time on your hands, I suggest checking out a more main-stream workout program like Visual Impact Muscle Building.  Lees time, more effect.

Factor Number 4 – The Diet
It appears that Morrison is very serious about maintaining his physique.  But, aren’t most Hollywood types?  After all their careers depend on it.  He limits sugar intake and controls his portion sizes even when snacking on healthy foods.  He even doesn’t eat fruit after sunset, because of the sugars contained in the fruits, and never more than a handful of nuts.  He’s even quoted as eating nothing but sweet potatoes for a few days when he needs to drop some extra weight for a photo shoot or episode where he will have his shirt off.  Morrison’s diet is nothing fancy, but it is strict.  Personally, I prefer a more relaxed and flexible eating plan to maximize calorie deficit and muscle building.

Factor Number 5 – The Big One
The last, but biggest factor in Matthew Morrison‘s fitness arsenal is motivation.  Just like anything else in life that you really want and have to work for, motivation is the key yo success.  Without being motivated, you will just sit and plan when you need to get up and move.

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    Sounds like he has all the bases covered, and it shows too. I think this kind of lean and muscular look is way better than the bulked up bodybuilder thing.


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