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BWET Top 5Complete programs, workouts and exercise demonstrations in one complete package.

Do you want to get it all in one neat and comprehensive package?  Free is great, but it generally requires more effort on your part.  After all, this site is free (for now), and I think it’s pretty comprehensive.  But to truly get it all, you will have to buy a complete product designed to meet your needs.

Today we will look at the top 5 programs available as digital downloads that allow you to get started learning and a doing immediately.

In no particular order…

Number 5:  P90X – The most popular program on the market today.
Hugely popular due to its backing by the fitness giant Beach Body , P90X delivers 12 workouts, a metric ton of hype, and for those who stick to the mind-numbing workouts led by Tony Horton, results.  This guy is the Richard Simmons for moderately fit people.  But is it worth the 270 bucks for the fully loaded package?
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Number 4:  Visual Impact Muscle Building
This program is from Rusty Moore at Fitness Black Book.  Although not entirely bodyweight exercise, it’s really good for guys who want to get that lean and chiseled action hero look.  If you’re a gym goer, then you should read the full review HERE.

Number 3:  Turbulence Training
Turbulence training is probably the oldest program on the market right now, but the information inside is timeless.  With one main package that covers everything and several smaller packages, Craig Ballantyne has put together one of my favorite paid programs.  There’s even a bodyweight only program.  You definitely get more bang for your buck with the full deluxe program.
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Number 2:  TACFIT Commando
A completely comprehensive bodyweight only training program.  If you are looking for a turn-key system complete with videos, military style training, and a pile of auxiliary bonus goodies, then TACFIT Commando may be your solution.  The only caveat is you do need to have some experience with bodyweight training.  The exercises are sometimes complicated.  They’re fully explained though.
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Number 1:  Bodyweight Exercise Revolution
Another completely comprehensive bodyweight exercise guide and program for the “regular Joe”.  There are no military overtones in this, just proven methods forth MMA and sports industry.  This is a solid program based on circuits, HIIT, and flexibility training.  
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Less Than Honorable Mention:  No Gym? No Excuse
If you just need to test out your credit card or have to buy something fitness related to show your spouse that you are going to get into shape, then get this program, otherwise, it’s probably best to skip it.
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