BWET Top 5 | Top 5 Bodyweight Exercises For Lower Body Strength

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BWET Top 5In this week’s Top 5, we’re going to address Lower Body Strength, and how you can improve your leg strength and endurance without using heavy weights and in any location you choose.

So, let’s get started…

These exercises are generally designed to build leg strength, but because of the nature of bodyweight exercises, accessory muscles will also be exercises.  They are listed in no particular order, so don’t think we favor one more than the others.

Number 5 – Hindu Squats
Made famous by Matt Furey, Hindu Squats work your legs and improve your breathing power.  The Hindu Squat is one part of his triad of bodyweight exercises to build strength, flexibility and endurance for wrestling.

Number 4 – Donkey Calf Raises
Funny name, difficult exercise.  The exerciser will bend forward at the waist keeping the hips directly above the feet and grasp a bench, chair, fence or wall.  A partner will then sit on his back at the hips to provide resistance.  The exerciser will then raise his heels as high as possible and returning slowly to the starting position.

Number 3 – Naked Squats
Not called naked because you do teem without clothes, but because you do them without weights.  Using the same form as you would with a heavy bar, squat down like you are going to sit in a chair and then raise back up to standing.  Keep your back straight and don’t let your knees go forward of your toes.

Number 2 – Lunges
Great for Hamstrings, calves, and core, Lunges are simple to perform and have a ton of variations.  The most common is walking lunges where you will travel across the room while performing full lunges.  360 degree lunges are one of our favorites, and incorporate the hip flexors and abductors.  Check out or video on 360 degree lunges.

Number 1 –  Bodyweight Step Ups
Get a large sturdy box or a short chair.  Height should be about knee height.
Step up onto the box or chair and bring the back foot up.  Step down using the same leg to get the negative resistance.  Switch legs and repeat.  Both legs is one rep.   This gets the Glutees, Quadriceps and Hamstrings at the same time.  To add calves, raise up on your toes at the top of the step up.

Be sure to come back Friday for the weekend challenge, where each Friday, we present a workout or a fitness concept to challenge you and your mind.

Thanks again for reading and if you have a favorite lower body exercise, share it in the comments section below or visit our Facebook page and leave comments there.

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    I’ve never heard of the Hindu Squat, Naked Squat and the Donkey Calf raise. Thanks to your blog, I gained some new ideas as to how I should exercise my lower body strength.

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    Some genuinely nice stuff on this site, I enjoy it.

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