BWET Weekend Challenge | A Full Body Workout With A Fast Twist

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full body workoutIt’s Friday again and time for the next BWET Weekend Challenge.  Last week, we hammered the upper body to leave you with wiggly spaghetti arms and unable to lift the TV remote by yourself.  It was an ugly one in my house for sure.  This week, we’re going to dial it back a notch or two with a simple (but not too easy) full body workout for the benefit of everyone who is not already in great shape.  And, yes as the title says there is a Fast Twist…

Let’s get started by describing the full body workout.  It consists of a full 250 reps and can be done just about anywhere.

You’re going to do:

30 Jumping Jacks

20 Diamond Pushups

10 Vertical Leaps – jump as high and as powerfully as you can reaching upward.  Try to touch your ceiling with all your might.

10 Pull-Ups

40 Squats

25 Regular Push-Ups

20 Walking Lunges

15 Chin-Ups (like Pull-Ups, but with your palms facing you)

30 Bicycle Crunches

25 Bulgarian Split Squats

25 Side-Hops

You can do this full body workout straight through with no more than 1 minute’s rest between exercises, or you can set it up in a circuit like this:

30 Jumping Jacks– Warm Up

10 Diamond Push-ups
5 Vertical Leaps
5 Pull-Ups
20 Squats
15 Push-ups – 10 on the next rotation
8 Chin-Ups – 7 on the next rotation
15 Bicycle Crunches
15 Bulgarian Split Squats – 10 on the next rotation

25 Side-Hops

Rest for 2 minutes and repeat starting with the Diamond Push-ups.  Finish with stretches to cool down and prevent cramping.

If you’re already fit and hard-core like many of our readers, then you can double it for a 500 rep full body workout or even go to the max and quadruple it for an even 1000.  Never the less, whatever your fitness level if you can’t complete the whole workout, get everything you can out of it, and add more reps next time.

Now for the twist that makes this weekend challenge a real challenge.  Do this on an empty stomach.  Seriously, a very empty stomach.  Start a 24-hour fast today, and complete this workout about 2 hours before you finish the fast.  I know, you’re thinking, “this guys gone crazy”, or “Way too many Burpees, there Janos, It’s affecting your brain”.  But, I’m being quite serious.

The effects of intermittent fasting are scientifically proven, and the myths are just that, myths.  You will not go into “starvation mode” and pack into fat the very next thing you eat, nor will your body destroy muscle tissue for energy. 
Trust me on this one, but just in case,  here is more on the proof:  Functional Fat Loss

So, take a moment to read the material at Functional Fat Loss, write down your personal variation on the 250 rep full body workout, and after lunch today (or dinner tonight), take a one-day break from the plate.  Your waist line will thank you for it.

Good luck, and have a great weekend!

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