BWET Weekend Challenge | Building Your Own Fitness Plan For Baby Boomers

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BWET Weekend ChallengeSo, you should already know that you need to practice some type of physical activity to stay fit into your Golden Years, but just what should you be doing?

The answer is pretty simple actually.  Let’s break it down into just 3 main categories.
Aerobic Conditioning – Also known as Cardio, walking, swimming, biking, jogging at you target heart rate for 20 minutes 3 times a week
Resistance Training – Whether you decide to use weights or just your own bodyweight, 3 times a week, you need to do some strength training.  Make sure it is challenging, not just a “walk in the park”.
Dynamic Movement – Multi-count, multi-dimensional calisthenics designed to improve your flexibility in every plane of physical motion.

Since Aerobic conditioning is pretty self explanatory, we’ll move right on to

Resistance Training
Warm Up – One Circuit at a slow pace
The circuit:
Hindu Squats – 10 Reps

Burpees – 5 Reps

Hindu Pushups – 10 Reps

Repeat Circuit 3 times

Add crunches, Ab bicycles or leg lifts at the end to fill
the remaining gap left in your 20 minutes. (If you have any)

Dynamic Movement
Warm Up – Full stretching routine

The Workout:
Use a medicine ball or sandbag.
Toss ball forward and perform walking lunges to reach it.
Pick up the ball and  get into the crunch position.
Perform 10 reps of the Russian Twist.
Stand Up and toss the ball in the other direction and repeat the whole process.

Do this 10 times with rest breaks as you need them.

These simple workouts are just an example of what you can do with minimal equipment.  Look around the site and pick your favorite exercises to build your own workouts that meet your individual needs.

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