BWET Weekend Challenge | Burn More Fat With This Full Body Workout

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BWET Weekend ChallengeThis week’s challenge is an HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) circuit routine that will peak your metabolism to burn more fat for hours afterward, especially if you are finishing up an Intermittent Fast as we discussed earlier in the week.   Remember to do your warm-up and cool-down stretches to avoid injury and have fun with this challenging workout.

This particular workout involves five separate bodyweight exercises.

4 sets of:
•    5 Chin-Ups
•    10 Pike Push-Ups
•    15 Boot Strappers
•    20 Short Push-Ups
•    25 Hindu Squats

Rest breaks between circuits depends on your individual fitness level, but try to keep it as short as possible.

The exercises explained:

Pike Push-Up –Pike push-ups build the foundation you need to progress to handstand push-ups, which are push-ups performed while you are standing upside-down. Find a table or chair slightly less than waist-high and rest your legs on it with your upper body hanging off. Then, straighten your body such that it forms a ninety degree angle to the floor. Now lower yourself slowly towards the floor, stopping when your nose is almost about to touch the floor, push yourself back up, then repeat.

Hindu Squats – Squats typically involve keeping your feet firmly on the ground and making sure your knees stay behind your toes as you bend your legs and lower your body. With Hindu squats, however you don’t need to do any of that. You simply spread your feet to the width of your shoulders, straighten your back and, starting with your hips, lower yourself towards the floor while allowing your heels to come up.

Boot Strappers – To perform this exercise, squat and extend your hands roughly four to six inches ahead of your feet, placing them palm down on the floor. Now straighten your legs as far as they will go, all the while keeping your hands and feet in exactly the same positions and flush on the floor. This exercise is designed to strengthen your legs and back.

Short Push-Ups – This exercise is performed just as its name suggests – it is essentially half a normal push-up. Begin with your chest just off the floor, straighten your arms halfway, then lower yourself down again. This is one repetition. Try to do this exercise as fast as you can.

Chin-Ups – Start by hanging from a chin-up bar with a backward-facing grip, meaning your palms should face back at you. Bend your knees and cross your legs at the shins to keep them off the ground. Use the muscles in your arms to pull yourself up towards the bar, with the movement starting from your chest. Once you get your chin over the bar, lower yourself back down.

Adding this short but super effective workout to your weekly routine either during or after your fast, will make your body burn more fat and leave you feeling tired but energized.  the only draw-back to this full body workout when coupled with a 24 hour fast is having to shop for smaller clothes.

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