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“ABWET Weekend Challengend one ring to rule them all”…  Yes, I did start this post with a cheesy (super cheesy) movie quote.  I’ll tie it in, don’t worry.

It’s Black Friday in the US.  The biggest shopping day of the year.  And here at BWET, it’s Weekend Challenge Time.  I’m skipping the crowds, parking lots, traffic, and all those hassles this year.  I’m not abstaining from Christmas, I’m just not going shopping today.  I’m going bowling.  Empty lanes, choice of the best bowling balls, and the ability to bowl in peace.

Anyway, here’s this week’s Weekend Challenge and the movie quote tie-in I promised.

What I was referencing with the not-so-obscure movie quote was the Burpee.
If I had to chose just one bodyweight exercise to build a routine around, it would be the Burpee.  It’s completely flexible.  You can adjust the exercise as you need to focus more on upper body, lower body or even your core muscles.  It’s fun, challenging and infinitely variable.  It’s this single exercise that rules them all that we will build this week’s challenge around.  This one is so portable, you won’t even have to write it down.  Add it to your repertoire of exercises you know by heart and test its flexibility yourself…

Here’s just an example of what you can do with the burpee.

BWET Portable Bodyweight Full Body Burpee Blast

Warm Up – Jog in place for 3 minutes

The Workout:
– Basic Burpee Ladder.  Start at 10 reps, rest 1 minute do 9 reps, etc. etc.

Really it’s up to you.  Do what you want.
Add a double push up count.
Add a Tuck Jump at the end
Add a Pull Up at the end
Add a basketball, medicine ball or volley ball into the push-up for core stability
Add a small green Jedi clinging to your back for extra resistance
Add a 360 Degree Lunge at the end

So now you can see why I love the Burpee so much.  It can be done in the smallest of spaces, even the airplane aisle.  It is easy to learn and you can add to it or subtract from it as you like.

I’ll probably be putting together a short special report on just the Burpee in the near future, but I will only send it out to current subscribers.  Just as a holiday “thank you” for everyone who has stuck with me on this journey.

Until next week, stay safe, and enjoy your holiday weekend!

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