BWET Weekend Challenge | Play-Off Gridiron Challenge

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BWET Weekend ChallengeThis weekend The Ravens, Steelers, Packers and Falcons all play for a shot at the Super Bowl.  While your favorites smash it out on the old gridiron, you can participate at home and get one hell of a good workout at the same time.

If you are a veteran visitor of BWET, then you are familiar with our Gridiron Challenge.  If not, then you are in for a real “feel the burn” treat.

Here’s how it goes…

Pick your team and write it down.  This gives you accountability.
Now, when:
•    The other team scores a touchdown, you do a 5 Burpee Ladder.
•    The other team scores a field goal (not extra point), you do 10 Boot Strappers.
•    The other team makes a first down, you do 10 sit-ups.
•    Your team gets a penalty, you do 5 each regular, diamond, and wide arm push-ups.
•    Your Quarterback is sacked, you do a 10 Burpee Ladder.
•    Your Quarterback throws an interception, you do 10 each, regular, diamond and wide arm push-ups.

For the full article on the BWET Gridiron challenge, here’s the full URL:

We first put this together at the beginning of the season.  But now since the play-offs are here and the stakes are higher, let’s kick it up a notch.

The other team scores a touchdown – do a 7 Burpee Ladder
The other team scores a field goal – do a 5 Burpee Ladder
The other team gets a first down – do 25 push-ups
Your team gets a penalty – do 5 each: regular, diamond and wide arm push-ups for each 5 yards of penalty
Your quarterback is sacked – do a 10 burpee ladder
Your quarterback throws an interception – do 10 each: regular diamond and wide arm push-ups.

There you go, the play-off level gridiron challenge.  Pick a buddy in at least as good a shape as you and bet your sweat.

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