BWET Weekend Challenge | Skiing Exercises Get You Downhill Quicker

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BWET Weekend ChallengeIt’s Weekend Challenge time again.  This week we’re discussing getting ready for the powder with bodyweight exercises for skiing and Plyometric lower body strength building ski workouts.  By training early for your sport, then you will build the strength and endurance to be successful at it.  This week we dedicated the whole series to exercises for skiing and ski workouts.  Following these simple, yet effective routines will help you have more fun on the slopes this year by improving your fitness for skiing.

Monday we covered the basics of core strength and lower body strength.  Wednesday we discussed Plyometrics and building explosive strength in your legs to handle the bumps and dips on the slopes.

Today, we are going to put it all together in a 3 consecutive day ski workout routine.  It’s up to you to set it up though.  3-on/1-off or 3-on/2-off.  Whatever suits your abilities.

Day 1 – Lower Body Strength
5X5 Circuit:  5 exercises, 5 rounds
Rest no more than 3 minutes between rounds

Bodyweight Squats – 10 Reps
360 Degree Lunges
– 5 reps
Step-Ups with your poles
– 10 reps (20 count)
Glute Kick Backs
– 10 reps (20 count)
Standing Calf Raises with your poles
– 20 reps

Day 2 – Core Strength
5X5 Circuit:  5 exercises, 5 rounds
Rest no more than 3 minutes between rounds

Plank – 30 seconds
Side Plank
– 30 seconds each side
Supine bridge
– 10 reps
Russian Twist
– 10 reps (20 count)
Ab Bicycles
– 20 reps (40 count)

Day 3 – Bodyweight Plyometric Skiing Exercises

Circuit 1
Squat Jump
– 10 Reps
Lateral Hurdle Jumps
– 10 Reps
Tuck Jumps
– 10 Reps
Depth Jumps
– 10 Reps

Circuit 2
Jump to Box
– 10 Reps
Zig-Zag Hops
– 10 Reps
Tuck Jumps
– 10 Reps
Lateral Jump To Box
– 10 Reps

Animated Demonstrations HERE

Do all the exercises with your poles in your hands, either tucked under your arms or use them for stability.

Perform circuit 1, rest 2 minutes, perform circuit 2

Do both circuits 3 times with no rest between exercises.

No matter how you set put this routine to get ready to hit the slopes, your performance will be better and you will enjoy yourself more.

So, get fit for your sport, have fun and be safe.

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