BWET Weekend Challenge | Superbowl XLV The Last Gridiron Challenge This Season

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BWET Weekend ChallengeWell, we’ve finally hit the end of the road for this season’s gridiron challenges.  If you have kept up with them, we’ve progressed toward more and more physically demanding challenges as the season has progressed, and this week’s challenge is no different.  It will be both extremely simple yet extremely demanding.

To keep it simple, there will be no picking of teams.  So, if you’re lazy, hope for a low scoring game with few penalties…

Touchdown – 20 Burpees as fast as you can do them
Field Goal (3 pointer) – 20 Push Ups as fast as you can do them
1st Down – 20 Hindu Squats as fast as you can do them
Penalty – 5 Plyometric Push-Ups for every yard of the penalty
Sacked Quarterback – 10 Pistol Squats

You will do these exercises equally for both teams.  No favorites in this challenge.

Make everyone at your Superbowl Party do them to make it interesting.  Extra points are awarded for puking on the carpet.  We’re really interested in hearing about comical results from this challenge, so be sure to come back and leave us some comments.

BTW – I’m rooting for Pittsburg.

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