BWET Weekend Challenge | Taking Action Toward Your Fitness Resolution

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BWET Weekend ChallengeWelcome back to another BWET Weekend Challenge.
This one is going to be relatively simple and keeping with the theme of the past weeks.  The New year is rapidly approaching, and we all have fitness resolutions to achieve.  So, this week’s challenge will help you get started and sow you just how easy our method is going to be.


We prefer to put exercise first.  To see why, check out the last two weeks worth of posts.  Basically at BWET, we believe in results.  Your results and our results.

We have designed a whole series of 20 minute bodyweight workouts you can use to build a custom designed routine to fit your fitness needs.  Here is an example…

BWET Portable Bodyweight Cardio Workout

Warm up – Jumping Jacks for 2 Minutes
The workout:

Mountain Climbers – 3 Minutes

Rest 1 Minute

Burpees – 2 Minutes

Rest 1 Minute

360 Degree Lunges – 2 Minutes

Rest 1 minute
Bootstrappers – 2 Minutes

Rest 1 Minute

Ab Bicycles – 2 Minutes

Cool Down Stretches for 3 Minutes

And you’re finished.  That’s all you need to keep up your card routine while traveling.  Remember, it’s intensity, not the length of your workout that is most important.  If you put 100% into this short workout, you will get 100% out of it.


Such a 4-Letter word!  It makes almost everyone cringe at the thought.  Images of flavorless broiled chicken breast, piles of raw vegetables, styrofoam disks (rice cakes), and nothing at all you will enjoy or find flavorful.  Or even worse, order and pay out the nose for special pre-made meals.

Well, that’s all about to change.  What would you think if I wrote it right here that you could eat whatever you normally eat (within reason), never have to buy any special foods, or even never have to drink a gritty shake.

What I’m describing is a change in your eating patterns, not in your meal contents.  Not eating a bird’s meal every 3 hours and 17 minutes, either.  Check out our supplemental page at http://bodyweightexercisetips.com/functional-fat-loss/ for the science and truth behind the idea.

Now, pick the day of the week you want to get started and just do it.  Set your plan then follow it.

The Challenge:

Use the 20 minute workout above and pick a day this coming week to try out the eating schedule described in the supplemental page.

Take action.  When you do nothing, nothing happens.

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