BWET Weekend Challenge | The Extension Ladder – Upper Bodyweight Exercises for Strength

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T.G.I.F.! BWET Weekend Challenge That’s right, Thank Goodness It’s Friday!   Another stressful week gone, the wife is counting the shopping days left until Christmas already.  I managed to get a huge rant off my chest about dietary supplements.  And now it’s my favorite time of the week.  Weekend Challenge time!

I’m calling this weekend challenge workout The Extension Ladder and here’s why.  Picture an extension ladder.  It is two smaller ladders stuck together that will get you farther than either one will by itself.  And that’s the premise of this killer bodyweight workout.

If you haven’t picked up on the references yet, we are doing ladders, but not just any ladders, reverse stacked ladders, and we’re only doing upper body exercises.

And A-w-a-y we go…

Push-Ups for 20 Reps ~ 5 each: normal, wide arm, diamond, declined
Chin -Ups for 1 Rep

Rest 1 minute

Push Ups For 19 Reps ~ Same as above, but drop 1 rep of the variation you find the easiest.
Chin-Ups for 2 Reps

Rest 1 minute

Push Ups for 18 Reps ~ Drop One rep of another variation, just not the one you find hardest.
Chin-Ups for 3 Reps

Rest 1 minute

Push Ups for 17 Reps ~ Drop One rep of another variation
Chin Ups for 4 Reps

Rest 1 minute

Push Ups for 16 Reps ~ Drop One rep of the final variation
Chin Ups for 5 Reps

Rest 1 minute

Repeat until you are down to one rep of each Push-Up and 20 reps of the Chin-Ups

That’s it.  Simple, yet challenging.  Please feel free to share it with your friends and workout partners.  Next week we will continue with more exciting information about bodyweight only fitness and some more bodyweight training.  So, if you aren’t already subscribed to our exclusive blogcast, you are likely missing out on some of our great posts.  Subscribe today and never miss another weekend challenge!

Enjoy your weekend, and this challenge,


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