BWET Weekend Challenge | This Lower Body Routine Is Pure Madness

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full body workoutHappy Friday to everyone.  Last week, we did a full body routine with an interesting twist on dieting.  Hopefully you will get the same benefits from Intermittent Fasting I have and still be able to enjoy your favorite foods.  So without further delay, we’re going to get right into giving you those wonderfully comical spaghetti legs.  But first, a couple of safety rules before we begin…

If you are a fireman on duty this weekend, skip this challenge.  You won’t be able to climb stairs carrying all that gear.

If you are chasing bad guys through the inner-city streets, take it easy on this one.

If you are challenging Sea Biscuit to a 1/4 mile race, well, best of luck to you.

This workout is short on number of exercises, but long on discomfort and challenge.  You will need a little more room for this one, somewhere you can take about 30 paces in one direction.

30 Jumping Jacks or Jump Rope for 3-5 minutes.

Circuit One:
10 Hindu Squats
20 Walking Lunges (10 for each leg)
10 Pistol Squats

REST For 3 minutes

Circuit Two:
10 Hindu Squats
20 Side Lunges (10 for each leg)
20 Glut Kick-Backs (10 for each leg)

REST For 3 minutes

Circuit Three:
10 Hindu Squats
20 Rear Bodyweight Lunges (10 for each leg)
10 Sissy Squats

Rest For 3 minutes

Repeat each circuit for a total of 3-5 trips through the whole she-bang.  Remember to cool down with stretches and a walk, or you will be very regretful the next day…

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