BWET Weekend Report | Staying Fit And Feminine

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Fit and Feminine | Visual Impact For WomenIt can be tough to navigate the forest of fitness products these days and even more so when you are female.  It seems that almost all the products for women are just re-labelled men’s products that will either leave you looking like a line backer or won’t work for you at all.  This week we have focused on how women can be lean, fit and athletic without becoming manly in their figure and shape.

There are a ton of rumors and myths out there concerning women and working out.  One of my favorites is: “If you use anything heavier than a 5 pound dumbbell, you’re going to grow huge muscles.”  What a load of crap.  To follow that thinking, if you frequently pick up your child after he’s 3 weeks old, you will also grow huge muscles.  You’d also better not ever carry a gallon of milk from the car to the fridge.  It’s really simple to put these myths into perspective when you apply them to every-day life.

While working to “failure” in a routine with heavy weight will build muscle mass, simply using heavy weights in a controlled strength building routine like my favorite, Visual Impact For Women.  I’ve looked at quite a few programs that claimed to be for women, but discovered that almost all of them were just programs for men with lighter weights, or a couple of exercise substitutions.  Mostly due to the false idea that a woman can’t physically do the same exercises that men do.

To keep this short, I’ll get to the point.  Honestly, I could ramble on about this for hours, but that doesn’t help you any more than telling you to use heavy weights.  So, here’s the point.  Drop the myths, get educated.  Don’t believe everything you hear from fellow gym-goers, personal trainers, or talk show hosts.

Here’s what I propose you do.  And if it doesn’t work for you, or you just don’t like it, there’s no risk.  Below you will find a link to an exercise / nutrition program designed by one of my mentors, Rusty Moore.  It is designed from the bottom up to help women (all women) be both fit and feminine.  If you want to look like a line backer, or the other extreme, a starved runway model, then work out like the guys.  But if you want to build a smoking hot body and still look great in a dress and like a girl in your bikini, then you need to at the very least try Visual Impact For Women.

There’s a long, but informative video on the home page where Rusty will explain it all to you in simple and easy to understand terms.  Click HERE to start watching the video right now.

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