Can Celebrity Fitness Guru Matt Roberts Really Make You Fit in Just Two Weeks?

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Has the UK’s hottest fitness guru, Matt Roberts, gone completely off his rocker? Can you really slim down for a social event in just 2 weeks? Theoretically, yes you can, but it’s not in the least way healthy and definitely won’t last. There’s just no way you are going to go from Adele to Amy Winehouse in a fortnight. But for giggles, let’s see how Matt Roberts will get you thin in 2 weeks…

Get Fit In Two Weeks With Celebrity Fitness Guru Matt Roberts

From WalesOnline.co.uk…

“Over the past 15 years as a personal trainer I have worked with an enormous number of people who have requested, demanded and wished for almost every conceivable goal.
“There is weight loss, weight gain, shape change, competitions, sporting events, weddings, catwalks, photo- shoots, film roles and, of course, general medical health benefits. The lists of reasons and motivations are endless.
“Whether someone is working towards a specific ideal, such as preparing for a wedding day or film role, or whether they are simply making sure that they can tell their doctor they have been behaving, there is always a defining characteristic to the way in which I work with them.
“Having purpose, direction and a recognisable end point is vital for anyone who wishes to be successful. This is an ethos that can be applied not only to your fitness but to your career and a whole range of other areas too.” Read More



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