Caveman Workout – Another Pumpkin Workout – Or Not

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Do you have an animal skin tunic? Maybe a pet dinosaur or Woolly Mammoth grazing in your back yard? Nope? Me neither, but you don’t have to be Fred Flintstone to be functionally strong like a Cro-Magnon. Check out what my friend Ryan wrote over at his site…

Ryan from Extreme Bodyweight Workouts wrote:

I think today we are bombarded with so many health and fitness products and how to get in shape methodologies that it can be overwhelming for some. The hunter gatherers were lean, in shape, and active. They also had close to no chronic diseases that we deal with today.

Pretty good stuff. He’s another fine authority on bodyweight exercise. I turn to him on a regular basis when I’m stuck for ideas or have a difficult client.

Enjoy this workout and don’t forget your turtle shell sandals!

If you do have the idea to do a pumpkin workout, read this older post first.

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