Core Strength | Abdominal Workout Plans

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It seems that most people build their abdominal workout plans around losing fat from their midsection. Although any physical activity will help in fat loss, abdominal workouts are designed to build stronger, denser muscles in the abdomen, not to burn fat around it. If your goal is to sculpt lean and chiseled abs, then you will have to do more than just ab workouts.

Joseph Eitel wrote:

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) rates the top four abdominal workouts as the bicycle maneuver, captain’s chair, exercise ball crunches and vertical leg crunch. Other effective abdominal exercises include the power wheel, hanging knee lifts and inclined reverse crunches. Choose three or four o

Incorporating full body workouts and cardio into your routine will help dramatically improve your results. When you build strong, dense muscle under your skin, then reduce the fat in between, you can get that killer “shrink-wrap” look thta everyone wants.


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