Create a Strong, Fit Body With Bodyweight Exercises

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You can actually strengthen your body without the use of free weights or other strength training equipment that is found in a gym. The secret to building body strength without gym equipement is bodyweight exercises. Resistance is built and muscles strengthened by using your body’s own weight when you engage in this form of exercise. Push ups, pull ups, sit ups, and squats are examples of bodyweight exercises that most people are familiar with. It is obvious that these exercises use only the body’s weight to build strong muscles; no other equipment is required.

Warriors and soldiers from times past used bodyweight exercises as part of their training, and they have been popular ever since. The Eygptians, Romans, Shaolin monks, Greek warriors and Indian wrestlers all used bodyweight exercises to help them stay fit and strong. Most armies around the world incorporate some form of bodyweight exercise into their training programs, making these exercises a perennial favorite of the armed forces.  Bodyweight exercises have, over a period of time, developed into a variety of forms and are now known by many different names, including hand balancing, calisthenics, rope climbing, gymnastics, as well as breathing and isometric exercises. …

As time progressed, however, many fitness experts came to believe that the best way to build muscle mass was not through bodyweight exercises but through the use of weights and other gym equipment that was designed to concentrate on building specific muscle groups. As a result, gyms began opening everywhere as people rushed to use this equipment. A wide variety of gym equipment was quickly manufactured that allowed individuals to perform such strength-building exercises as lat pull downs, bench presses, and machine crunches. Bodyweight exercises to build muscle mass became an outdated notion, and gym-inspired fitness gurus essentially thumbed their noses at it.

Due to the fact that many people who have used this gym equipment to build muscle mass are now experiencing all sorts of problems, including pain, injury, and muscle fatigue, there is now a renewed interest in bodyweight exercises for strength training. It’s almost laughable to realize that many bodyweight exercise critics, who once believed that you’re a wimp if you do them, are now embracing this traditional form of exercise. Not only are the experts beginning to understand that bodyweight exercises build strength and resistance in a fairly short amount of time, they are also realizing that the workouts are intense enough that they provide the energy necessary to melt body fat in no time at all.

Leverage, contraction, and resistance are the three principles that form the foundation of bodyweight exercises. Other exercise techniques only make use of resistance and leverage. A strength component is often missing, despite the fact that you need to include strength in an exercise program in order to build solid muscle mass. You are wasting your time if there is no strength component in your workout routine. Bodyweight exercises force the muscles to contract as different positions are held for a period of time. The overall strength of your body increases because these static holds provide the resistance your body needs to increase strength in joints and muscle tissue, and the contractions make workouts that much more effective.

The Jack Knife Sit Up, the Decline Push Up, the Split Squat, the V Squat, and the Single Leg Squat are examples of some well known bodyweight exercises. Just keep in mind that you need to exercise patience and stay focused and committed because it takes some time to start seeing results with bodyweight exercises.

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  1. Mulyatun says:

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    If I had to guess, I’d say that particular climb looks like it was from the rguged hills of fair Scotland. Your photographer must have been daring indeed! And wise words about skipping workouts!

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    Nobody is really talking about bodyweight exercises and I’m glad you blogged about it. I’m definitely going to forward this to a few friends. Thanks a bunch!

    Kristie Campbell 🙂

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