Feeding Your Muscles With The Right Types Of Muscle Building Food

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Feeding Your Muscles With The Right Types Of Muscle Building FoodIt is a relatively common misconception that building muscle involves only working out and downing protein supplements that guarantee you the big muscles that you want. The truth, however, is that your diet is just as important to building muscles as your actual workout is. Thus, in order to build larger muscles, you will need to eat right muscle building food as well. The following is a list of the best muscle building food that will aid you in your quest for larger muscles:

Red Meat

Red meat is the best possible source of protein, and this muscle building good directly promotes muscle growth. It also contains high levels of iron, zinc and other essential vitamins.

Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is also a great source of protein, and many people who are working towards building larger muscles eat chicken breast on a daily basis, making it one of the best types of muscle building food.


There are any number of health benefits to be had by eating fish, and it should definitely make up a regular part of your diet. Most notably, fish is an excellent source of Omega-3.


Many serious bodybuilders drink a shake that consists mostly of multiple eggs every day. This is because eggs contain a very high level of protein, which is absolutely essential for muscle growth. Boiled eggs also make a great, high-protein snack for when you get hungry during the day.


Nuts are one of the best sources of healthy fats – unsaturated fats. Olive oil, avocado and fatty fish are also great sources of these same fats.


Oatmeal contains an extremely high proportion of carbohydrates that are definitely a great help when you are looking to encourage muscle growth.


Vegetables, such as carrots, tomatoes and spinach, are also excellent sources of carbohydrates. They also contain iron that is necessary for muscle growth and the overall health of your body.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is one of the better-kept secrets of many bodybuilders. This particular type of cheese is slow to digest, allowing you to feel full and go for longer periods without feeling the need to eat.


Many people neglect the need to drink water to their detriment, as drinking water allows your body to rid itself of harmful substances and also increases your body’s ability to assimilate the nutrients present in the food that you eat.

When it comes to meal frequency, you should aim to eat 5 small meals a day. One important thing to keep in mind is that you should avoid processed carbohydrates like refined sugar, as these are extremely detrimental to your goal of increasing muscle growth and to your health in general. Find the balance of the muscle building food listed above that suits you best and stick to it.

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  1. Lala Confair says:

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    Nice site. I constantly work out hard at least 3 times a week and following a tough session your body wants the best quality protein to repair you for your next workout. I always go for lean protein as the best muscle building food, essentially poultry, turkey and fish. I also consume scrambled egg whites for breakfast.I in general combine these meals with a complex carb along with veg as well. I stay away from protein shakes as I perceive them as a waste of money, the body is designed to digest foods and drinks lack the thermic affect of foods.

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