Fight The Freshman 15 In Fifteen Minutes

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fight the freshman 15 in fifteen minutesIf you’re dreading the Freshman 15 as you go off to college this year, don’t fret freshman.  BWET has a fifteen minute solution to help you keep the pounds down and your heart rate up.  Our all time favorite bodyweight exercise and  the most versatile bodyweight exercise combine to bring your the Freshman 15 Minute Bodyweight Blaster…

First off, let me introduce the exercises.  In the Favorites corner, weighing in at a whopping 8 counts, it’s the one and only BURPEE. That’s right, kids, the burpee.  Your high school football coach’s weapon of choice for punishing bad plays is back and with a vengeance.  Aren’t you glad he taught you how to do them right?  But, if you’re a lazy slacker and never played football or basketball, or any other semi-challenging physical sport, you can see how they’re done HERE.

In the versatility corner weighing in at only two counts, but with more possible changes than the Obama Administration, is the Plank.  It’s like Log from Ren and Stimpy, only useful.  Whether you’re doing side planks to the right, or side planks to the left, or even doing reverse planks with your front facing up, then you are really contracting your middle, and the is what keeps your middle from being your main.

So, know that we’ve met the players, let’s get them together like chocolate and peanut butter Reese’ style.  You ready?  Don’t be a wuss.

Three 5 minute circuits, rest if you have to, but build up to going straight through.

Circuit of the One
Burpees 1 minute – Max Reps
Side Plank left 1 minute
Burpees 1 minute – max reps
Side Plank Right 1 minute
Burpees 1 minute – Max Reps

Circuit of the Two
Burpees 1 minute – Max Reps
Side Plank Left 2 minutes
Side Plank Right 2 minutes

Circuit of the three
Burpees 3 minutes – Max Reps
Burpees 1 minute – Max Reps
Burpees 1 minute – Max Reps

So that’s it, jut 15 minutes a day.  Even the busiest college freshman has the time to whip out this quick workout.  Remember, it’s the intensity of the workout not the length of time it takes.  The harder you work in these 15 minutes, the better results you will see.  Even if you’re spending almost every waking moment designing the next huge social network, remember your body. 



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2 Responses to “Fight The Freshman 15 In Fifteen Minutes”

  1. Robert says:

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    I was a freshman in college in 2005 (seems like another lifetime ago already, haha), and staying active is definitely something you need to do to keep the weight off. College offers so many caloric temptations, that weight gain is inevitable if you don’t watch out.

  2. Zarina says:

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    Thanks for the routines! I really have to research how to do a burpee but good thing you added a link on it.

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