Fitness Product Fraud and You

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Have you ever been bored in the middle of the night and watched an infomercial? Have you been promised miracle results in just “minutes a day”? It’s an easy claim to make, after all every day is made up of minutes. They conveniently never tell you exactly how many minutes, do they? I could say that you can plow an entire field for corn planting in minutes a day. I’ll conveniently leave out that it will take 840 minutes at the very least.
How about the guy in the lab coat saying he’s a doctor and has seen his patients lose 37 pounds per day in just 3 weeks of using Product X?

Today, Paige at About.com will shed some more light on how ot avoid these scams.

Paige Waehner wrote:

Don’t Believe What You Hear on Fitness Infomercials.

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