Get the Results You Want with the Correct Chest Exercises!

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Get the Results You Want with the Correct Chest Exercises

Get the Results You Want with the Correct Chest Exercises

Want to build strong, powerful pectoral muscles?

Want to have unbelievable strength in your chest?

Want to a chest so ripped that is shows every muscle fiber and every sinew?

Want to lose weight and get back to or exceed your best fitness level?

Do you know the chest exercises that will give you all of the above?

Whatever your fitness goals, bodyweight exercises can give you the look, functional strength, and physique that you want. These natural exercises are simply second to none!

It’s time to forget about the peck-deck machines and the bench presses to improve functional strength. Nothing gives you better or faster results than using your own bodyweight with exercises like the one arm press up. Why?

Your body is the perfect design to keep your from injury and damage. When you use your own bodyweight as resistance, your body will adapt by building muscle, burning fat.

If you want the best results, a training routine with bodyweight chest exercises will definitely give you those results!
A little skeptical about what I’m saying? Take a moment and think about this…

Ever wonder why marathon runners look like a bag of bones, while sprinters are bursting with power and muscle?

Marathon runners don’t need big muscles. In all honesty, the weight of super huge muscles will make it much more difficult to compete. However, for sprinters is quite another matter.

A sprinter’s body provides the powerful, big, strong muscles needed to sprint faster. The human body is quite a work of art and a powerful machine. It adapts as needed to reduce the risk of injury or damage and will make sprinting easier.

Bodyweight exercises provide your body with the resistance to necessary to make these adaptations happen faster. The advanced wall press up is one of the best.

Bodyweight chest exercises are by far the most natural and safest way to train – no matter what your fitness goal may be. However, before we get to what exercises will build your chest muscles to their strongest and biggest, we have to discuss some recent claims by companies in the fitness industry.

Every few months, a new advertisement start spouting off crap about this new exercise product that will give you all the results you want – for a price, of course.

What you are not told is that there are two factors that will determine your level of success.

Fact 1 – The most important thing you need is dedication. If you aren’t dedicated to changing your body, it’s not going to happen.

Fact 2 – 70% of the success (or failure) of your training program is directly related to your diet. While it may not be what you want to hear, it’s the honest truth. You need the right diet to keep your body prepared for the training you’ll do.

Here are the rules of dieting correctly to achieve your goals…

For a big, powerful body with impressive functional strength, you must consume more protein and calories than your body needs. These nutritional requirements are the key to a powerful, big, muscular body. Simply exercising without giving a thought to your diet will not turn you into another Schwarzenegger.

For a lean, mean, sculpted look and enhanced functional strength, your body needs protein, but slightly less calories. This will keep your body burning fat to provide energy. When you put this diet with the right bodyweight chest exercises, you will soon see every part of muscle, sinew, and fiber.

Bodyweight exercises can help you lose that weight off your chest. If you want to lose weight from your chest, you need to work out your entire body. In order to do this effectively, you are going to need to feed your body fewer calories and burn more calories than it takes to keep your weight were it’s at.
If you combine a diet that is meant for you to lose weight with the right bodyweight chest exercises, you’ll end up losing weight from your entire body – AND – you’ll end up with a chest you can be proud of without your shirt on!
Now that all that boring stuff about your diet is out of the way, you need to learn how to build that strong, muscular chest you’ve always wanted.
Each exercise will require different sets and reps, depending on the results that you want.

For a Massive, Powerful Chest…

You need to do between 8-12 reps regardless of the resistance that you use. It has to be heavy enough to make your training intense and test your functional strength. This will build these big, powerful muscles.

For a Toned, Sculpted Chest…

If you want a chest with very little fat that also shows each and every fiber and sinew of your muscle, then it’s time to do sets with 12-16 repetitions. Cut down on the time you rest between sets. Absolutely no more than 30 seconds. With the correct diet, this will guarantee you the results you want.

For Losing Fat Off Your Chest…

If you are working towards weight loss, then you should do chest exercises with 8-12 reps on one workout and 12-16 reps on the next set. This allows you to burn more fat and build more muscle with each set.
You need to build muscle when losing fat because your muscles burn fat even when you are sitting still. The way to win is to combine both types of exercises sets and reps with a diet that is lower in calories. You’ll soon see the results.

It’s Easy to Make Chest Exercises Harder
If you do not make the exercises harder once you can do the max number of reps, your progress will come to a stop. You may think that it’s rather difficult to use your body for increased resistance, but actually, it’s rather simple. Here are some examples:
If you can do 12 press ups without any problem, then you must make the exercises harder to continue to build muscle. One way to do this is to put your feet on a chair during this exercise. This makes it instantly harder to complete your set.
Once you can do 12 of this variation of press up, move on to the next level. Use eight inch blocks to place your hands on. This will help you get a fuller, more complete stretch with each press up. Not only will this increase your functional strength, you’ll get massive chest muscle much faster.

If you are lucky enough to get to the point where this variation seems easy, it’s time to try your first one-handed press up. Don’t be too discouraged if you cannot do this at first. It is much, much harder than you think. Concern yourself more with the correct form. Don’t tip your shoulders just to make it easier. The high level of intensity and difficulty is what will make this exercise so effective.

Ok, so now you are superman and you can do 12-16 repetitions of one handed press ups. Try using a basketball to put hand on. Got that mastered? Then use your thumb and one finger. Not only is that exceptionally hard, it’s really cool to impress people with!

Point to remember – You are only limited by your imagination as to how hard you can bodyweight exercises.
Here’s an example…
Most young men can manage to do about ten pull ups without any problem. However, only one in 100,000 young men can do a one-handed pull up.
Here’s another example…
Most young men can manage to hold a handstand up against a wall 30 seconds. But there are very few who could perform 20 handstand press ups.

What difficulty level should you start at?
First of all, tell your doc what you are trying to do. Make sure they give the okay.
Next, make sure you use common sense. Do the basic exercises the first couple of training session. If they are way too easy, then pick it up a level the next session. Keep doing this until you find a variation that is difficult and makes you really work out your muscles.

The right intensity level is one that you can do safely, but will push you. It won’t take long to build up to the next level. This is the best way to ensure that your training is building big muscles and exceptional functional strength.
The key to any training program is Perseverance, Persistence, and Dedication.

In closing…
Remember the three main benefits of bodyweight chest exercises…
#1- They are safer than machines or weights. You are using your body for resistance.
#2- They increase your functional strength. While you may never need to do a bench press in an emergency, you may need to pull yourself up to a really high window to rescue someone.
#3- They will increase your sports performance more than any machine or weights can.

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