Get to an All New Fitness Level with the Best Bodyweight Exercise!

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Burpee - New Level Of Functional StrengthWhen it comes to getting truly fit, there are a lot of variables that the general public isn’t aware of. Through years as a strength and conditioning coach, I find that many of the health clubs and gyms do not focus on total fitness when they are creating workout routines. These variables, such as flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, mobility, and cardiovascular conditioning, are all required to achieve total fitness. There is one single exercise that you can do to achieve new levels of those variables.

The Pull-up Burpee – This One Combination Bodyweight Exercise Offers It All!

In order to be successful and effective when training your body, you must understand how the body functions. The gyms and health clubs have told people they need to learn to use a machine that is usually designed to only work one group of muscles at a time. This is simply not an effective means of getting fit. You must learn movement patterns and how to manipulate them to get the most results.

In the simplest of terms, the human body performs two movements – a push or a pull. By training with these two movements, you’ll develop a stronger and fitter body. This is where the pull-up burpee combination comes in. The push and pull combination of this exercise will certainly have your body responding quickly.

In order to perform the pull-up burpee combination correction, you will need to find a pull up bar that requires you to jump up to grab it. Next, you will need to learn how to perform a burpee. This is a total body exercise and it begins by standing with your feed shoulder width apart. Next, you will need to squat down and place your hands on the floor in front of you. You will then kick your feet back as if you were getting ready to do a push-up. Immediately bring your feet back up and your body into the squat position again. Jump up and grab the pull-up bar and complete one pullup.  When you release the pull-up bar, go right back into your squat position and do another burpee.

It will only take five to ten of this bodyweight exercise to understand how much it will challenge your body. You will target all of the fitness variables – strength, endurance, mobility, and cardiovascular fitness with only one exercise. If you do not have this or a similar exercise in your workout program, then it’s not as effective as it could be. Why bother with exercises that do not give you the results you need?

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