Hoodia, Acai Berries and Long-Term Weight Loss

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Hoodia, Acai Berries and Long-Term Weight LossLet’s be honest.  There are fortunes made every month in the diet supplement industry.  How?  Simple.  Let’s take the whole Hoodia craze as an easy example.  Also known as “Bushman’s Hat” and “Queen of the Namib”, this plant is allegedly used by African Bushmen to control their hunger because for them, there isn;t much food around.  But for you, it is marketed as a quick-fix for weight loss by controlling your hunger so you don’t eat everything around.  But does it work?  Well, according to Wikipedia, probably not, unless you eat gobs of it or inject the extract directly into your brain (NOT RECOMMENDED!).  But never the less, millions of people shell out their hard-earned money for the “magic pill” that will make them skinny.

And that’s the point.  The magic pill, be it extract from Acai Berries, African Cactus, bullfrog saliva, some 100 letter-long synthetic chemical developed in a laboratory or whatever, just doesn’t exist today.  In all seriousness, it infuriates me to see every day ads for these products that amount to nothing more than the “snake oil” peddled at the turn of the last century.

People who are desperate for a solution to being overweight in a society that pressures them to fit into the supermodel ideal will go broke trying to look like a starved fashion model.  Please don’t ask me to understand why.  I don’t even understand who would wear some of those clothes anyway.  But that’s beside the point.

Let me get back on topic.  Dieting Supplements are just as the term implies, Supplements.  They are only effective as a “supplement” to sensible eating and calorie burning exercise.  You can eat all the Acai Berries in the world, but if you don’t watch what you eat and burn some calories, then you will not lose weight.

You only have to do one of two things to lose weight.
A:  Take in fewer calories than you burn
B:  Burn more calories than you take in

That’s kinda a joke because they are actually the same thing.  Which brings me conveniently to my final point because this rant has gone on long enough.

If you need a little extra push to help you along, there is no problem with adding a natural supplement to your diet and bodyweight exercise regimen.  Just don’t fall for the idea that any pill will take the work out of getting fit.  It’s not called a “layout”, it’s called a “workout”.

See you Friday for the Weekend Challenge!

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    Helpful post… I’ve actually been looking at your blog site for a time and I truly enjoy what you have accomplished. Keep it up m8:)

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