How a Prison Workout Can Get You in Shape

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Have you ever heard of something called the prison workout? If you’ve never seen or tried it before, you should check out all of the advantages that this basic bodyweight workout routine has to offer. In many ways, the exercises that are employed here are like the “mother” of all other workout routines, giving all over body benefits that you just can’t get with other exercise regimens. When you are in prison you don’t have a lot of room to workout. Because quarters are so cramped, there’s barely enough room for just the basic amenities much less room for the comforts of life. Living in prison can make you tough both on the outside and on the inside. Here is the basic idea behind the prison workout. This type of exercise can help build your body and your mind.

You obviously won’t need to have any type of expensive equipment to do this workout. You just need enough space to move around and the use of a chair or bench. This type of workout will help you to build your endurance, so you will need to really dedicate the effort and the time necessary to make the most out of this training. Once you begin this workout and integrate it in with your normal routine, you will immediately begin seeing positive results. It should be noted that you will begin to feel some pains after a couple days, however you should continue on and give it your all. Once you get past that initial threshold you’ll be able to teach your body to take on the extra workload and will be able to increase your strength.

There are several different components that you need to learn about in order to do the prison workout. If you have ever talked with anyone that has done this type of workout or training, they might use the word “burpee” to describe these exercises rather than to identify it as a prison workout. A burpee is one of the exercise variations that is used within the prison workout, which includes doing a type of squat, a push-up and then a jump. When you combine these three exercises together it is called a burpee, which gives a lot of attention to both the lower and the upper body at the same time. It can be very difficult to do, but once you get the movement down pat, you will be very pleased with the results that it can give. Tricep dips are another type of exercise done within the prison workout regimen. This is the exercise that requires the use of a bench, bed or chair. Your knees should be kept bent and your feet should be touching the ground as you do the dips. You can begin with a lower number of reps and then build up your numbers as you increase your pace. You can mix it up and try different variations, layering in your options for this part of the routine. Another type of exercise found within the prison workout is the pull-up, which gives a lot of strengthening and muscle-building focus to both the biceps and triceps. You will really see a visible difference in your upper body as far as the firmness and tone of your muscles in your triceps, biceps, shoulders and hands if you add these pull-ups and tricep dips to your workout routine. The exercises found in this workout will also make a big difference in the shape and tone of your abdominal muscles. Other exercises within the prison workout regimen that will help you to increase your lower body endurance include movements such as lunges and squat jumps. The prison workout doesn’t require you to join a gym or purchase any expensive equipment to get started. What it does require is your dedication and desire to stick with the routine long enough to see and appreciate the results.

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