How Can You Benefit from Body Weight Exercise

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You may be wondering what bodyweight exercise is all about.

Bodyweight Exercise is really the simplest exerciser you can engage in. You won’t need to join a gym or buy a lot of equipment. When you practice bodyweight exercise, you will be using the weight of your body for resistance the way you would with free weights. This is truly the most effective form of weight training if you do it properly.

So, why should you try bodyweight exercise?

In this day and age, people are working harder than ever to get fit and trim and healthy. Athletes work to increase flexibility, strength and endurance and these are things even regular Joes want to improve. But people who are participating in organized sporting activities are also often missing out on the most basic of movements.

Using bodyweight exercises can help them train to improve where they are weak, without having to make a large investment. You use your own body as your machine, your body is the weight. You can get the body you’ve dreamed of by increasing your functional strength through combining strength and toning bodyweight exercises.

Following are some good examples of different body weight exercises.



Dips on a bench

Push ups


Simple pull ups

Simple chin ups

Seated L

The best way you can achieve results that will be fast and are sure to impress is to do a high number of repetitions in a short period of time. You will get leaner, more defined muscles and you will increase your strength. You should also change up your routine frequently to make sure that you are working all of your muscle groups. As you improve your functional strength, you can add in exercises that are more complex and intense and this will keep pushing you.

Bodyweight exercises are far more effective for improving your functional strength than using free weights. Why is this? These type of exercises will use more of the fibers of your muscles than if you were lifting weights alone. Your results happen faster because the movements for body weight exercises use multiple muscle groups at once.