How Important Is Diet To Weight Loss?

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How Important Is Diet To Weight LossWell, it all depends on how you look at it. In order to lose weight you have to do one of two things. You either have to burn more energy than you take in or you have to take in less energy than you burn. It’s that simple. Good nutrition is essential to being healthy and fit. How you achieve that good nutrition has as many options as there are stars in the night sky. Today, we’ll look at just one method, one that is shown to work for countless people around the world.



The Weight Loss Secret Formula

Wouldn’t it be great if there really was a secret formula to weight loss. Coincidentally, there is a formula, but it is far from secret. It is the same formula that every weight loss program on the planet uses, just in different ways. You can employ this same formula in a way that is fast, simple, and easy to follow OR you can be masochistic and employ it in ways that make you feel cheated, hungry, restricted or like a rodent (eating twigs and leaves all the time). Personally, I choose to go with feeling fulfilled, happy knowing that I can still eat what I like 80 to 90% of the time. Even in the 10 to 20% of the remaining time, I’m not eating something I don’t like or drinking a crazy concoction of maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. I’m simply not eating.

And, this may be shocking to you, I have lost weight. My metabolism has not shut down causing the next meal I ate to go straight to fat. I haven’t felt tired, lethargic and drained of energy. What I have experienced was all positive. After 24 hours of fasting form solid food, and drinking only water, I have gently cleansed my body of undigested food and toxins. I have had a general feeling of well-being. I’ve even improved my effectiveness of workouts by doing my cardio interval training in a fasted state.

We all know the math for weight loss, It’s been pounded into our skulls for decades. For every pound of fat, you need about a 3000 calorie deficit every week. Now, just think if you could grab 2/3 of that deficit at one time, and sleep through most of it. That’s right, sleep through most of it. Here’s how it works. When I fast, I don’t get up in the morning and not eat until the next morning. That would suck. I start at lunch. I will eat a normal, healthy lunch and then finish out the day, go to sleep and eat a nice healthy lunch the next day to break the fast. To top it off, I do it on a weekend so I can sleep in the morning during the fast. I get up, drink a big glass of cold water and do my cardio circuits. Bingo, calorie deficit, cardio blast, and I slept through the hardest parts. Works like a charm.

Do you want to get the full scoop on why and how it works? I’ll tell you a secret, I learned it all from a guy named Brad. See, Brad has studied it and even used himself as a human guinea pig. His system is simple and just plain works. You can watch a free video of him explaining it HERE. After watching the video, be sure to read the rest of his information. If you’re crafty, you can get all you need from just his sales letter.

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