How To Build Large Biceps And Triceps With Bodyweight Calisthenics

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How To Build Large Biceps And Triceps With Bodyweight CalisthenicsIt is no secret that most guys who start working out are after two things in particular – large arm muscles. This article is therefore dedicated to the most effective bodyweight calisthenics that you can do in order to strengthen your arm muscles and also gain muscle mass at the same time.

If you have ever visited a gym, you would have definitely seen the sheer number of people who go to the gym specifically to work out their arms. Strangely enough, it is usually these same people who constantly complain about the lack of size in their arm muscles. There are several reasons why people are unable to achieve the size they desire despite constantly working their arms.

The biggest reason for the widespread dissatisfaction with arm muscle size is that most gym-goers tend to work their arms to the exclusion of the other muscle groups in their bodies. There really is no point constantly working your arm muscles if you do not give the other large muscles of your body, such as the legs and back muscles, some attention. Your arm muscles can only grow so large if these other muscles are not being worked on as well.

This is perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages of training in the gym. While there are certain effective exercises that can only be done in gyms with proper gym equipment, when it comes to training your arms, bodyweight calisthenics are a much better way to get those large arm muscles you desire.

The principle behind this is not difficult to understand. When you do an exercise in the gym, such as a bicep curl, you work your bicep and only your bicep, with almost no activation of the other muscles in your body. However, when you do an equivalent bodyweight exercise such as a chin-up, you work not just your arm muscles but other the other muscles in your core as well, giving you a proper full-body workout while maintaining sufficient focus on your arm muscles.

The following workout routine is an effective way to make use of body calisthenics exercises to achieve the arm muscle growth that you desire without any need for you to visit the gym. Of course, exercise is only one part of the equation when it comes to increasing muscle mass. You will also need to eat healthy and get enough rest on a daily basis in order for your body to put on the muscle mass that you want.


Chin ups
Most people fail to realize just how effective chin ups can be at increasing muscle mass of the biceps. As you get better at doing chin ups, you can start to make them even more difficult by introducing variations such as one-handed chin ups.


Push ups
Dips and push ups are a great way to build muscle mass on your triceps, and when you get better at doing these exercises you can up the difficulty level by putting your hands closer and closer together when doing your push ups.

While these exercise may seem relatively simple and easy in principle, the way in which you do them will greatly affect the results that you achieve. With both the chin ups and the dips, you should aim to take about thirty seconds going each way. This means that with the chin ups, for example, you pull your chin up to the bar slowly, such that it takes thirty seconds, and lower yourself taking the same amount of time.

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    I agree with most of the things you say in this post. People who go to the gym just to work on their arms, in my humble opinion, are a little “slow”. There is not much that looks worse to me then someone with well defined arms and not much muscle anywhere else.

    I also agree that chin-ups, push-ups, and dips are pretty much all the arm work anybody really needs. Plus, with this routine you actually work more then just your arms. You also get your chest, shoulders, and back muscles a tremendous workout.

    But I think that holding any of these exercises for 30 whole seconds is a bit much. I find it more effective to go slowly on the negative side of things. But on the positive explode with all of your power. Doing this will develop more explosive power in your muscles. Of course, you want to maintain good form and balance while you’re doing the reps.

    I’d love to hear your opinion on this.


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