How To Choose A Bodyweight Exercise Program

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With the internet and book stores alike crammed full of fitness products ranging from the utter absurd all the way to pure genius, it can be difficult to choose the one right for you.  Today, we will look at a few key factors you can use to determine if a workout plan, full bodyweight program or just about any fitness product is right for you.

Digital or Physical
In some cases, the choice will be plainly obvious.  After-all, you can’t really do much with a digital pull-up bar, can you?  So with the equipment and resistance multipliers aside, here you have to choose the medium in which your program will be delivered to you and how you store it.  Personally, I prefer digital products.  I can load a PDF onto my iPad and carry it anywhere in the world.  I have a book shelf full of old workout books that I rarely even look at anymore.  If I need to, I can always print the pages I need from the digital format.  Another great advantage of digitally formatted exercise programs is I can easily copy and paste from them to build great workouts for physical clients.

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better
And neither is expensive.  What you want to look for is real value.  You want value for you, the buyer.  Just because there is a long list of bonus material supplied with the core product, doesn’t mean it will all work for you.  Look for strong and well-made core material.  Look for bonuses that add to the core product, not just add fluff to the total package to make it look bigger.
Also, buy what you will use.  Money spent on something you will never use is wasted.  My thing is bodyweight exercise, it makes no sense for me to buy a product strictly about weight lifting.  I will never use it.  Money lost…

Reputable Sellers
We all know there are a ton of scammers out there.  And even as an experienced fitness blogger and trainer, I have fell prey to a scam or two.  I once bought a workout program that promised the moon, but failed to deliver on even the most basic of its promises.  It wasn’t that I did’t or couldn’t get the results, the information just wasn’t there.  I spent 47 bucks for a 200 page E-Book of meandering, vague and generally worthless rubbish.  When I tried to refund it, I could never get any response from the seller.  Chalk it up to lesson learned.  Now, I buy products to test and review only from the big players in the market.  Look for the most reputable suppliers on the payment page.  Companies like Clickbank, and a few others have very strong refund policies and require publishers to meet those policies.  Also look on the product’s site for the legal documents.

Product Support
It never fails that sometimes I find a great product but it has zero support.  If I have a question about an aspect of the training or the workout design, there is no place to ask.  Look for products that have their own communities like a member’s forum where you can ask questions, get help and just share with others who are in your similar situation.  It makes the over-all product more valuable to you.

All these factors come in to play whether you are buying a fitness product or any digital product from the internet.  Use you good judgement and a little research to weed out the things that won’t help to bring you to success.  Not every product works well for everyone.  On the other hand, I do believe there is a product out there for everyone.

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