How To Make 2011 The Year of the Bodyweight Routine

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Bodyweight Exercise Builds Functional StrengthHow many times has this happened?  You finish a day’s work and head off to your gym.  The gym where you have paid a huge membership fee, only to find that it is packed with people socializing on the equipment and generally using the whole facility as a social club.  You, of course have limited time to get in, get your workout and get on with your life.

That whole situation could be a thing of the past for you, my dear reader.

How would you feel if I told you that you can get just as fit, just as lean, and just as strong and never have to pay out the nose for another gym membership?

If you are a gym social club member, then you’d probably better just go ahead and leave now.
The “back button” is on the top left of your screen.

This post is for people serious about getting into the best shape of their lives without being tied to the whole commercial fitness complex.

Did you know that every single movement that is done on fancy gym machines were originally done as bodyweight exercises?  How about this?  Isolating individual muscles groups like biceps, etc. is a waste of time and can lead to injury?

Our bodies were designed to work as multi-faceted physiological machines.  May parts working together in unison to accomplish tasks.  That’s probably why our parts all fit together so well.

I know, if you are a new visitor to this blog, you probably think that the calisthenics you did in gym class are all there is to bodyweight exerciseThink again. There is a whole world of possibilities that are limited only by your imagination.

I’ve set up a supplemental page on BODYWEIGHT ROUTINES (Full URL at bottom of post) to help you understand.  There are even a few stolen workout routines from one to the world’s leading experts on bodyweight exercise inside.

So, whether you are working toward a New Years resolution to get fit or to save money, then look no further than bodyweight exercises to get the job done.  Since the average gym membership runs 800 bucks a year, not including the time for a “personal trainer’, you could easily do something more enjoyable on a vacation than go to the gym.

So click on over to http://bodyweightexercisetips.com/bodyweight-routines/ and get your workout on for the new year.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Janos “I hate the gym” Kovacs

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