Improve Your Body’s Functional Strength And Tone Up With the Full 100 Bodyweight Exercise Workout

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If you would like a body that looks like those you see on the cover of men’s training and workout magazines, then bodyweight exercise is the way to go!

Bodyweight exercise provides an excellent way for you to go about obtaining just a well-toned, super sculpted body and developing your body’s functional strength. One of the best things about bodyweight exercise is that you hardly need exercise equipment at all and you certainly don’t need any expensive equipment.

This article will give you a variety of sample workouts and exercises that make use of bodyweight exercise to help you develop functional strength with little more than your body, a physio ab ball and a chin-up bar.

First up is the Full 100 Bodyweight Exercise Workout. This workout targets your entire body with a variety of exercises that come up to a total of 100 repetitions, hence the name, ‘Full 100 Bodyweight workout”. The key here is to aim to complete all 100 repetitions in 7 minutes or less. In order to do this you will need to take a minimum number of breaks and keep them as short as possible. Ideally, you should move from one exercise to the next without stopping for any breaks.

This bodyweight exercise program will improve functional strength throughout your body and also help greatly with weight loss. It will also give your stamina a boost and soon after starting yourself on this bodyweight exercise program, you will find that your body is more in shape than it has ever been!

The Full Hundred Bodyweight Exercise Workout

Bodyweight Exercise #1 – 20 Prison Squats

Bodyweight Exercise #2 – 30 Push-Ups

Bodyweight Exercise #3 – 10 Straight Jumps

Bodyweight Exercise #4 – 10 Upright Rows

Bodyweight Exercise #5 – 20 Lunges per Leg

Bodyweight Exercise #6 – 15 Close Grip Push-Ups

Bodyweight Exercise #7 – 5 Chin-Ups

When you find yourself completing the Full 100 Bodyweight Exercise Workout comfortably in under seven minutes, it’s time for you to move on to a more challenging workout. A good workout start on next is the Full 200 Bodyweight Exercise Workout. If you are still struggling to hit the seven minute target, however, then you should keep at this workout for now and plan to move on only when you have successfully completed this level.

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