Is It A Miracle Cure or Just A Scam?

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It seems that every time the economy goes in the crapper for a long period of time, the snake oil salesmen come out of the woods and start peddling their wares to any who will buy it. Only these days, they have a web presence and they aren’t just selling watered down Bitters. Some of the crap they are pushing on the unsuspecting is downright dangerous.

NHS Choices wrote:

Miracle cure or scam?

Lose weight from your sofa! Regrow your hair! Build muscle faster than ever! Say goodbye to backache!

Surf the web these days and you’ll find a world of miracle cures and wonder pills for a range of health conditions.

Thousands of websites tempt buyers by offering an easy ans

It’s these hucksters that truly get me into a rage. There are thousands of upstanding businessmen and women who have an entirely on-line business model. We can all reach out to millions fo potential customers daily and deliver useful, quality and value added products and information. It’s how we make a living. It’s these few clowns who ruin the whole show.
I not only resent such behavior, but will call it out when I see it. Publicly, loudly and without reservation.

As a consumer, you need to keep one thing in mind. When you get a sales pitch from any marketer, even me, put it through the BS filter. If the claims sound too good to be possible, then it is most likely impossible. Seriously, do you really think that a small cactus fruit keeps African Bushmen skinny? What keeps them skinny is NO DAMN FOOD! Not a miracle flower extract or the stem cells from the Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka.

Look, just be smart. Use your noodle for more than a hair anchor, and you’ll be fine.

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