Lose Fat Wit A Bodyweight Workout

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Anybody suffering from excess weight needs to look into a good bodyweight workout.  Not only will you lose weight but will also increase your muscle size and endurance.  Using bodyweight workout techniques have been around for years and years, however recently they have seen a surge in popularity.  Most countries around the world used a bodyweight workout routine during ancient times to keep fitness up for soldiers and sportsmen.  The Roman legionaries and gladiators used it, while Shaolin monks and Indian wrestlers did the same. 

Bodyweight workouts are highly convenient, they can be done anywhere and at any time without needing the use of intricate equipment.  A bodyweight workout can be carried out in even limited space.  The fact it is so convenient and low-tech doesn’t take away from the fact it is one of the best ways to lose fat. There are no expensive gym memberships to worry about either.  While carrying out a bodyweight workout your heart rate will increase and then decrease over a period of time.  This is how you burn fat, by increasing and decreasing your heart rate with a small amount of time.  

To increase your muscle mass and burn fat you can incorporate a number of bodyweight workout routines into your regimen.  There are many bodyweight workouts you can choose from, however some are better than others at burning fat all over, and within targeted spots.  The following is a list of the bodyweight workout exercises recommended to use in order to burn fat and increase strength effectively.  

Burpees are one of the best bodyweight workout exercises you can do, they bur fat throughout the body.  Burpees consist of going from a standing position to a plank position very quickly, the plank position is most easily described as looking like you are about to do a push up.  You then do a push up and then tuck your knees up to your stomach, you then stand up.  Once you are standing you jump once, then drop back down to the plank position.  You should do a set of 20 of these 3 times, then increase as you become better and stronger.  Burpees are great for increasing your strength but also working your cardio pretty hard, they seem easy but are a lot harder than they look.  Out of all the bodyweight workout exercises burpees are amongst the most popular because of how well they bur fat and increase your strength.  

Sprints are the next great bodyweight workout exercise you can use to lose fat.  The only downside is they cannot be done from the comfort of your own home.  Go to an open area where you live, mark out on the ground the distance you plan to sprint.  Now start on the edge of the marked area and sprint as fast as you can to the other side, once there turn around quickly and sprint right back.  Do this around 8 times or as many as you can do, adding to it as your cardio improves.  

These two techniques are just a drop in the ocean of bodyweight workout exercises that you can use to effectively ad conveniently lose fat while increasing your strength.