Madonna’s Hot Ballet Workout | Why Your Bodyweight Routine Is Better

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Madonna's Hot Ballet Workout | Why Your Bodyweight Routine Is BetterWell, it seems our favorite semi-washed up 80’s pop star is out with her fresh addition to her new gym chain “Hard Candy“.  It would appear that Madonna has not bilked the world of enough money with her whiny music and overly sexy music videos.  Now she has fully jumped on board the fitness bandwagon and started opening gyms around the world to get a piece of each member’s individual fortune.

First, let’s take a look at the preliminary information released about her new “barre3” workout and what it is comprised of.  From what is out, it is a combination of Yoga, Pilates and Ballet.  All known to improve the fitness of participants, but only after years of practice mastering form and technique.  That in itself will get young he hook for at least 6 months worth of “Hard Candy” membership.

Now, why is your bodyweight exercise routine better?

Besides the obvious cost factor, the routine you build and follow from what you learned here and from other trusted sources ( See Turbulence Training), will be individually tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Secondly, the 3 styles of exercise in Madonna’s workout are very slow paced and low intensity.  Two key factors in participants seeing a lack of tangible results in the expected short time frame.  Meaning it may take up to 3 months to see the effects of “barre3”.  While doing any one of THESE simple high-intensity workouts for 20 minutes a day 3 days a week, you can see and feel results in al little as 3 weeks.

So, here’s the Clif’s Notes version.  Don’t throw away your hard earned money on a self-perpetuating membership in the latest fad gym.  Take a small part of that money, invest it in a QUALITY PROGRAM, and save the rest for a nice vacation.  Reward yourself for your efforts, not an over-the-hill pop singer.

That’s my rant for this week.  If any Madonna lovers are offended, then my apologies will just go up “like a prayer”.

To the rest of you, thanks again for your time and have a great week!

2 Responses to “Madonna’s Hot Ballet Workout | Why Your Bodyweight Routine Is Better”

  1. Dane Youssef says:

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    by Dane Youssef

    I have some love for the “Material Girl,” though I prefer her own original idol David Bowie. Madonna has said that her earliest passion as a child was ballet.

    The Madonna of Pop said she wanted to be a dancer.
    The First Lady of Pop was good enough to spend her salad days in a travelling dance troupe. Madonna says her life goal wasn’t “to be a ballet dancer.” She says “Ballet is a very good training, and what it gives you is the strength to be able to do anything.” Absolute truth! Speaking as someone who took ballet himself, after getting better at ballet–a lot of everything else in life, every other challenge… well, it was a lot easier.

    Hmmm. Madonna’s always been a shining light to follow.
    Although I wouldn’t say I myself am in love with the “Cover Girl’s” music, she certainly has some damn fine philosophies on how to live life. Ballet, Yoga and Pilates. The three principal rules to fitness health. And like myslef, the girl still takes private ballet classes.

    When you take the ballet… and you really love it, the dancer inside never leaves you. Thanks, Madonna. I’m gonna get to work on the likes of this right now!

    –Eternal Gratitude to Evita (Wherever You Are), Dane Youssef

  2. Marth Gramer says:

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