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manny-pacquiao-workoutThis guy is all over the blogosphere with his unstoppable record and his completely ripped physique.  We did the digging so you can see and do what he does.

There’s a ton of hype out there about how Pacman lifts heavy in the local gym, but it’s just that, HYPE.  As with most fighters, Pacman’s workout is built strongly on bodyweight exercises and plyometrics.  After all, why in the world would he ever need a bench press.

So, without any more babbling, here it is, The Manny Pacquiao Workout

Manny Pacquiao Workout
12/14/16/18/20 Burpees (increase by two each round)
50 Star Jumps
100 High Knee Dumbell Press
15 Neider Press (10kg bar)

x 5 rounds = 12 minutes

15 minutes of continuous core work including planks, leg raises, v-ups etc.

In this workout, he uses weights for 2 exercises.  As you all know, any movement done with weights can be mimicked with bodywieght exercises.  Let’s look at how we will do this for Pacman’s two exercises.

High Knee Dumbell Press:
This one is hard to explain to begin with so let’s watch the video…

We can see the basic movements here are knee raises and a weighted single arm press.
This exercise is good to go as it is, but if you want to be a purist, grab a couple of cans of soup or bottles of water and press them instead of a small dumbbell.

Neider Press:
We’ve found a couple of exercises claiming to be a “Neider press”.  The one that looked most logical for a fighter to do involved a 45 pound plate and hopping on one foot.  The demonstrator would thrust the plate forward like a basketball chest pass while hopping on one foot.  This looks both complicated and dangerous.  So let’s take it to reality and a level where normal people can do it.

Explosive Push-Ups – Do a normal push-up but instead of just pressing your bodyweight up, push hard enough to bring your hands off the floor.  Add a clap in if you want to be flashy about it.

So there you have it.  Substitute in some soup cans  and explosive push-ups for the dumbbell presses and the needier presses and you have a completely bodyweight only workout routine just like Pacman does.

Heck, if it works for him, why not give it a shot?

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