Maximize Your Functional Strength And Sculpt Your Body With The 350 Bodyweight Exercise Workout

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Bodyweight exercise programs provide an excellent way to get a firm, toned body and develop your body’s functional strength.

Whereas many workouts are aimed solely at making your body look better, explosive and intensive bodyweight exercise programs also enhance your functional strength. This is because bodyweight exercise programs integrate muscle-building exercises with strength training to give you a full workout that improves functional strength and stamina. Bodyweight exercise programs offer the perfect mix of strengthening exercises and muscle-toning training that unlocks the door to reaching your maximum functional strength and getting a body you can be proud of.

The 350 Bodyweight Exercise Workout is a more intensive version of the 250 Bodyweight Exercise workout and increases the number of repetitions by 100. Your aim for this workout will be to finish all of the exercises in twenty minutes or less. Remember, the key to maximizing the effectiveness of this program is to take few or no breaks in between.

Here it is then…

The 350 Bodyweight Exercise Workout

•    Bodyweight Exercise #1 – 45 Prison Squats

•    Bodyweight Exercise #2 – 40 Push-Ups

•    Bodyweight Exercise #3 – 20 Straight Jumps

•    Bodyweight Exercise #4 – 20 Physio Ball Leg Curls

•    Bodyweight Exercise #5 – 20 Physio Ball Jack-Knifes

•    Bodyweight Exercise #6 – 40 Step-Ups

•    Bodyweight Exercise #7 – 10 Chin-Ups

•    Bodyweight Exercise #8 – 40 Lunges per Leg

•    Bodyweight Exercise #9 – 40 Close-Grip Push-Ups

•    Bodyweight Exercise #10 – 20 Upright Body Rows

•    Bodyweight Exercise #11 – 40 Full Squats

•    Bodyweight Exercise #12 – 15 Chin-Ups

Having trouble completing the 350 Bodyweight Exercise Workout in less than the stipulated 20 minutes? Don’t be discouraged. With enough training, anything is possible and you will achieve your goal eventually. When that moment comes, you will have reached your full functional strength potential with this workout and you will be ready to progress to the Full 500 Bodyweight Exercise Workout.

A Thought Or Two That Will Help You Through

Do not think of your Bodyweight Exercise Workout solely as a means to an end. Think of it as a lifelong journey towards enhancing your body’s functional strength. Also, do not think of your workout as a chore. Instead, get into the mindset of enjoying your workout so you can make the journey a pleasant one.

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