Military Fitness Week | Special Forces Bodyweight Workouts

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Military Fitness Week | Special Forces Bodyweight WorkoutsI have some old friends who used to go places and do things that are better left unsaid.  One thing that isn’t super-duper double secret is their level of fitness.  I swear Skip, Tim, Danny, and Stu could fight their way out of anything, maybe even a wet paper sack.  (a joke for them if they read this)

I worked out with them a few times when I was chasing around the Hindu Kush Mountains on a government contract back in 2009.  They always went to the gym, but very rarely touched any of the equipment. I think they went to the gym just to laugh at the gym rats and line soldiers pumping iron like they were huge stud-muffins.

Most of the time, if we used any extra weight, it was just a plate, a kettle bell, or a dumbbell.  We would usually head to a secluded corner of the “aerobics” room and use the floor and our own bodies to burn some serious calories.  Sometimes we used each other, but that’s a different story.

(Don’t get the wrong idea.  Human casualties are a little more challenging to carry than a dumbbell.  You have to practice it.  Imagine walking lunges with a 160 pound dude on your shoulders.)

Anyway, I was digging around through one of my old journals while taking a stroll down memory lane and found an oldie that Stu brought to the gym.  If I remember right, it was one hell of a challenge to finish.  I’ll share it with you, but only on the condition that you tell everyone about it in the comments section.

Here it is –  Stu called it “Why Me?

Two rounds, back-to-back, no scheduled breaks.

➢ 50 Push Ups
➢ 25 Box Jumps
➢ 50 Sit Ups
➢ 10 Chin Ups
➢ 25 Side Lunges (each side)
➢ 25 Burpees
➢ 50 Flutter Kicks (four count)
➢ 50 Wide Arm Push Ups
➢ 10 Lunges (each side)
➢ 50 Crunches
➢ 10 Pull Ups

I think I threw up during this workout, hopefully you won’t.

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