New Years Resolutions | Exercise and Diet – First Thing First

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New Years Resolutions | Diet and ExerciseMonday we discussed the concept of beginning your New Years resolution with exercise instead of a restrictive diet.  We began to just get into the whole mindset aspect of adding to your life before subtracting from it.

Today, we will go even further.  Now, understand, I have no intent in going off the deep end into a whole metaphysical and spirit-guide induced rant / trance jabber session about Fung Shui or anything like that.

This is simple Psycology 101.  Remember when your parents used the old reversal trick on you?

“Billy, this is called broccoli.  You can’t have any because it is only for big people. Maybe one day you can have some when you are bigger.  What?  You want to try it now?  I don’t know…”

We’re doing the same thing but on a lower level.  We are first increasing the body’s demand for calories before we reduce the amount of calories available from an outside source (food).  This increase in caloric demand will begin the process of sculpting the body you want.

We first have to build up the lean mass in all the right places before we shrink your skin around them.  Think about a classical sculptor.  He first had to get that huge granite block into his studio before he could chisel out the masterpiece.

So, let’s get started building your foundation of muscle.  The framework so to speak of your new image.

The self-image:
When you close your eyes and picture yourself in a scenario, how do you look?  Chances are you don’t look the same as you do in the mirror.  When you dream in third-person, who do you look?  That is your core self image.  That is how the mind’s eye sees you.  This is the positive image you need to focus on if it is the image you want.

If not, you need to spend some time in private reflection and change that self image to the one you want.  Your subconscious usually has already done this for you, but for some, it has to be done manually.

If for some reason, your core self image is distorted or in some other way far from ideal, stop now and go no further.  You risk going down a path that should be guided by a mental health professional.

The workout:
We’ll start this whole thing off slowly with a general full body workout to be done in just 20 minutes.  As we progress, you will be able to build your own bodyweight workouts and weekly routines without help or guidance,

While you do this workout, focus on technique and form while you let your mind’s eye picture your core self image performing these exercises.

BWET 20 Minute Full Body Anywhere Workout

Warm Up – One Circuit at a slow pace

The circuit:

Hindu Squats – 10 Reps

Burpees – 5 Reps

Hindu Pushups – 10 Reps

Repeat Circuit 3 times

Add crunches, Ab bicycles or leg lifts at the end to fill the remaining gap left in your 20 minutes. (If you have any)

On Friday, for the Weekend Challenge, We will put together a full week’s routine to get you started on you own granite sculpture, the fig leaf is optional…

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