No Gym No Excuse Review

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No Gym No Excuse Review

I’m simply amazed and astounded at the quality of fitness training products available at low cost to anyone with an internet connection.  No Gym? No Excuse is  no exception to this amazement, in fact…

I’m utterly shocked that this junk is selling like snow cones on an August afternoon.

Come on, people.  Do a little research, spend a few minutes looking around and you will see that you can get everything in this product right here on BWET, and for free!  Wait a minute..  I’m giving away all the same information as “No Gym? No Excuse”, and the guy behind this $37.00 E-Book is making money hand-over-fist?  Good for you guys, bad for him and it seems that I’m taking a little bit of a piping myself…

I suppose, if you were in a bind and had to get your wife or husband off your back about getting in shape, you could spend the little bit of money on this book just to be able to say you purchased something to help you get into shape.  But that’s about it.

Take the 37 bucks, skip a few Starbucks Lattes and buy something worth having.  Then get off your butt and get to work building the body you want and not sitting on the couch watching “reality” TV and eating Cheetos.

If you’re a long-time reader of BWET, or you just started a few days ago, you will know that I’ll tell you like it is.   I’m not going to sugar coat anything.  I do work hard to keep my language in check, but otherwise, I shoot form the hip and speak from the heart.

Don’t buy this.  If you have and still have time to get your money back, do it.  Spend your hard-earned money on something good.  Even blowing it on a huge dinner on your cheat day will be better than buying this garbage.

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